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  • mariyatrader mariyatrader Nov 21, 2012 7:53 AM Flag


    Every report I read simply mentions the Canadian stuff, and never mentions CFIUS. Is that cause its not a big deal, or cause the reporters are clueless?

    I've been worried about CFIUS on this deal, but just haven't heard where it is. Anyone know anything?

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    • google cifus and nexen. The canadian FP has an am article out on this, light on details as you would expect. not impacting the price.

    • I loved your riddle but it looks as though yahoo also solved it and has since removed it. Anyways, with such a small portion of the assets located in the US, wouldn’t it be fairly easy for CNOOC to come up with a compromise that would appease CFIUS? Can CFIUS still say no even if CNOOC divests all the US assets?

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      • "Can CFIUS still say no even if CNOOC divests all the US assets?"

        My understanding is they only control US assets. Divestiture would take care of that. However, the Gulf assets are part of the package that make NXY attractive. If there are not security issues, and I was on the CIFUS board they are going to want maybe 2 things: Corp guarantee for spill cleanups (expensive, dont bk the US arm and walk) and also some of the NXY assets pay 0% royalites under an old program to encourage drilling in the gulf. They may try and reverse that agreement. (now what that has to do with security, you tell me, but pols like to squeeze when/where they can and they have the full deck here)

        Skimming the CIFUS reports- got lawyers saying 'its usual' and 'highly unusual' so not sure it matters since we can't ID what the 'security issue' is.

        Stupid Yahoo blocking these links! Jeez. You can see the life draining from the #$%$ cant you? You hope they track these metrics but probably assume it means spam has dropped off. Duh.

        GLTA. AT.

      • Cifus refill....out tonight. Goog it. Trying to figure out if its a big deal yet but maybe we now know the reason the stock tanked the past two days. Gita, at

    • You see the Reuters piece on Wed about CIFUS? Sept start date confirmed + 45d then nothing else.

      CEO has to disclose progrees/lack of as it's their Job to manage the filing. Point of the article is you never know what will get the military interested in blocking a deal. (like a west coast windfarm?)

      I'll agree at this point I'm as worried about the US as Canada. They are in a corner to accept the deal as presented, the US has the ability to say no.

      GLTA. AT

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      • Man what a nightmare trying to post a simple link on the new yahoo. Forget my commentary. This is my forth and final try, and has to be done as a puzzle. The link relates to CFIUS on this deal. I wonder if its worth it. First, rule, slash (/) is represented as Miles Kennedy, as he is the singer in Slash's band.

        Executive summary: CFIUS reportedly refiled. The rest is just my attempt to bypass the ridiculous yahoo system to display a link to the article. Here goes --

        Wolverine Walrus Winner
        80's band fronted by Matt Johnson (either the first or second word; hint: the), then
        what we do when we give cards to each player at a card game (hint: deal)
        First 3 letters of "commune"
        Miles Kennedy
        Miles Kennedy
        healthcare [yeah, really]
        Miles Kennedy

        And if that doesn't work, just google it. Too bad there isn't an alternative to this ridiculous yahoo system.