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  • stoneag_67 stoneag_67 Dec 7, 1998 11:21 PM Flag

    sorry mall will be up tommarro

    why strong buying at end of
    day.2.oversold.3shorts will get scared and cover.the index comes out wed
    and this is the best time of year for retail.Dont let
    these shorts agravate you guys just ignore then.

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    • When this stock was going from 20-60, this Board
      was much more informative and well mannered,since the
      large drop it has totaly changed. I find it digusting
      yet interesting from a social behavior point of view.
      .........MALL at an excellent intermediate price.

      • 1 Reply to karita22
      • Interesting comments about the tone of this
        board. Right now the shorts are "winning." The shorts on
        here are as much of a laugh to me as the "go web"
        people are/were. I admit I got as emotionally attached
        to this stock as I ever have or ever will any stock
        and learned a lot from it. It's hard not to like a
        stock that you buy one morning for 18, come back a few
        hours later and sell for 29, then buy back again for 24
        and ride back up. I've never had a stock treat me
        that well. I hope I didn't cause anyone to lose their
        family, or home when I wrote the faq and predicted MALL
        would double from 34. Sorry, didn't quite make it to
        100% only 84%. I guess I also should apologize for
        advising people not to panic when the stock was in the mid
        50's. Not panicing was the smart thing to dom but when
        the rest of the world panic's you better just go with
        them or you'll get run over. That's something that's
        hard for me to do in the market because I never do
        that in real life. I don't let the crowd move me.
        Sometimes the crowd is right and I go with them, sometimes
        it's wrong and I stand my ground. You can't do that on
        a stock like this.The crowd is where the profit
        comes from.
        One of the best lessons for all of you
        that I already knew and didn't follow is this. If you
        look back after MALL had already made a nice run you
        started seeing people show up on this board that had
        bought in and didn't have a clue about the UBID/MALL
        relationship. When you see that it's time to get out and not
        look back. It's like the story about Joe Kennedy and
        how he got out of the market before the 1929 crash. I
        think it's something like a busboy or shoe shine guy
        asked him about some stock. He knew when people like
        that were in the market it was all over.
        As for
        the tone on here this is a generalization and
        stereotyping, it doesn't hold for everyone but does the
        majority. Longs want things to go up. They're positive
        people, they're doers, they like to build, they like
        growth they're supportive. Shorts on the other hand
        can't stand positive. They're the grinch, they like to
        destroy and tear down, they like misery, there's nothing
        they like better than to see someone go from happy to
        sad. They want you to feel the same way that they do
        inside. Both Karita and Valuehound have posted on this,
        it's psychological with them. They have a need to see
        people hurt, it's a means of expressing some feeling
        inside that they can't let out any other way. This kind
        of thing has been going on longer than there's been
        a stock market.

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