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  • thekid420 thekid420 Dec 8, 1998 9:47 PM Flag

    Shop At Home (SATH)

    strong buy

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    • I hope you don't mind if I pick your brain a bit.
      I've been very impressed with your technical analysis
      of MALL this week, and would like to learn to do
      what you do! What does this ridiculous spread mean to
      you under these circumstances?

      - Sane

    • very interesting

    • wonder if there is any basis to this?

    • In honor of all the posters who waste our time with stupidity, I've changed my Yhoo identity. (Not than anyone probably cares.)

    • First I don't see where I tried to promote people
      to buy this stock. Second I doubt you read the IPO
      prospectus. It has lots of facts in it and that seems to be
      something that you don't like. All of your post talk about
      a feeling or a rumor or some big news that never
      comes true. How pathetic are you to try to impress
      people by making up news. Do you really need attention
      that bad.(obviously you do) At least get a clue and
      make up a new nickname so people don't have such an
      easy time looking up what a tosser you are.
      like you can't take your own advice. You trash MALL,
      have seen it and USAI fall on their face, have seen
      UBID and TMCS trade below their opening price, saw
      XMCM go nowhere today but your in DBCC hoping for the
      big runup. Check your charts, the runup has already
      happened. You may squeeze a few more sticks out of it, or
      not. Too bad you don't have any ASTM, that should hand
      me a few buck tomorrow AM.
      Now for the ipo money,
      smart guy. Let's say you sell your double wide
      housetrailer. Do you get the money? Hell no, the bank gets it.
      They own it. Same with MALL. If you had read the IPO
      S1 you'd realize that it was all written from MALL's
      perspective. UBID was a part of MALL. If UBID had debt MALL
      had debt, so if the money went to pay down UBID debt
      it was the same as MALL paying down it's own debt.
      The money goes to MALL period. What they do with it
      is up to them but it shows up on MALL's books. They
      sold something, they get the money. UBID didn't sell
      anything, how would they get money? Don't worry, if this
      confuses you, you'll have plenty of time to learn about it
      when you get to high school, and if you can flip
      enough burgers, maybe even college.

    • and BTW...interesting how fast people are starting
      to talk about a takeover.

    • I look forward to seeing you all in the morning. Good night!

      - Sane

    • here to promote people to buy this garbage. I can
      not believe this. It is so clearly stated in th ubid
      IPO prospectus that the IPO money will be used for
      debt payment, funding of work capital and so on for
      UBID. I really do not understand what you are talking
      about? Does the cut in half of MALL make you little bit
      confused or what? I do want to help you out of this.

    • I did some not so scientific approach research on
      the sales of UBID last week. What I did was that I
      added up all the
      products *estimated final bid
      price of the products and found out that the revenue
      stream is actually quite good. I came up
      ~$1.2million for the weekend (3 days) with all the product
      sold. Since it is an auction site, I assumed that all
      products will be sold. For $1.2 million for 3
      days, and 90days for a quarter, UBID should be able to
      make > $30 million this
      quarter. (you have to
      deduct the Christmas holiday which probably will be

      Also, what I found out is that UBID has
      a better brand name products than OnSale. If you
      want to buy a DVD, visit their site
      and you will
      get a pretty good deal for a Pioneer DVD.

    • net proceeds...there are the Net proceeds from
      the IPO and there are the net proceeds that UBID will
      receive....not the same as the 25 Mil net obtained...otherwise
      the text would have read All the proceeds will be
      used ...or all the proceeds from the IPO...
      was done clearly...it's those darn barristers...they
      muck it up all the time...

      give a call or look
      closely @ the S-1 and it'll become clearer
      who gets

      However I too can be wrong and If so I apologize in
      advance to eborji

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