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  • newmilleniuminvestor newmilleniuminvestor Dec 10, 1998 10:55 AM Flag

    As long as people keep selling without b

    remain down...only when buying comes in can we
    begin to see.
    right now MALL is way oversold with
    short interest of ~2.7 Mil and any significant
    developements from the company could trigger a positive
    scenario otherwise it's going to be a waiting gam.

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    • and once this stock breaks the resistance that
      posted earlier, this stock is going to fly
      Shorts will cover, then more longs will jump in.
      really don't see how this won't happen, and I
      that a lot of serious longs with big interest
      this stock feel the same way.

    • Did anybody thought of the intention for MALL to
      distribute the UBID shares? When a company spin off another
      company, they can either distribute it or maintain the
      ownership as the asset of the company. This will provide
      them a stronger capital to expand their business or do
      some other investment (like CMGI). I think the reason
      for MALL to distribute the share are:
      1. They
      think that they have improved business (in fact they
      are in the last 2 quarters) and are confident that
      they will not need additional capital from the UBID
      2. They want to totally separated from UBID so that
      both UBID/MALL can buy/sell products from/to others
      venders (like AT&T and LU).
      3. With the spin-off of
      UBID, MALL decrease the expense of UBID but may be able
      to maintain a majority of the sales because UBID buy
      products from MALL.
      4. MALL has a big write-off at the
      beginning of the year and this will key their tax-rate to
      be minimal for the rest of 98 and 99.

      how do you know the short interest to be ~2.7 Mil?

    • getting out..

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