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  • WINGS2963 WINGS2963 Dec 22, 1998 1:17 PM Flag


    according to cnbc & herb greenberg when ubid was
    at 84.00 mall should have been selling for 65.00.
    Now that ubid is at 120.00 mall should be around

    does anybody know why the stock is so low?

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    • will STILL be $129 when the time comes to
      distribute UBID stock to MALL shareholders. Sort of the
      reverse of the way options have greater value the longer
      off they are because the underlying stock has more
      time to rise. In this case, I think if the
      distribution of UBID stock was tomorrow, MALL stock WOULD
      reflect the price of UBID.

      Do you MALL holders
      know if the DBCC deal is structured the same as the
      MALL deal? That is, do DBCC holders get a distribution
      of Marketwatch stock in the future? Any details
      would be greatly appreciated.

    • One reason is the shorts, without a doubt.
      may be because the distribution is so far
      Yet another is the possibility that some people

      want to know that the distribution is a definite
      That's about all anybody seems to know at this point.

    • The MALL price doesn't necessarily correlate to
      70% of UBID's price most likely because the market
      believes that UBID is overpriced and may be too volatile.
      But, with the media's coverage of MALL's stake in
      UBID, MALL should continue to rise handsomely even if
      (and maybe especially) UBID's momentum slows and gets
      more predictable.

    • I thought ubid was high with it was 70...Look at it now ha?
      Mall will be at least 80 when this is all over!!!