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  • berrygeorge51 berrygeorge51 Nov 21, 2011 11:07 AM Flag


    1) There is their book value - a possible buyout
    2) short ratio = 10 - shorts could cover after taking a profit -raising the price
    3) Christmas season is coming up annd no one has any real money - used books and used CD's are very affordable and mahe great gifts
    4) they are trying new things all the time - they are not stagnant

    I have a buy order in at 1.50

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    • It's been this low previously, about 10 years ago, as I recall. They wasted IPO money opening a bunch of stores which ended up being closed. The grand idea for expansion went basically nowhere. Frankly speaking I've seen no particular fundamental improvement IMHO over the years.

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      • I agree completely. That there has been no fundamental improvement falls on one man's shoulders, John Marmaduke.

        His time has come, and he needs to admit he can't do it. He is out of touch, with current trends, his customers, and most of all his employees.

        He is not respected, but is tolerated by his employees. The only reason people do what he wants is not because it is the right thing, but because they are afraid to stand up to him.

        He does not respect employees who disagree with him, he labels them malcontents, and does everything in his power to fire them.

        In order for this company to survive he needs to step down, or the board needs to replace him as CEO.

        This is doubtful given how much stock that he and his family own. But, without one of these actions, it is only a matter of time.