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  • gsander26 gsander26 Mar 19, 2012 8:01 AM Flag

    Weak slate

    And there it is!

    First line of CEO statement:
    >> Our fourth quarter results reflected a
    >> continuation of comparable weak slates for
    >> movies,

    >> Rental Video Comps were negatively impacted by a
    >> continued lower quality of new releases

    >> decrease in sales of new and used CDs resulted
    >> primarily from a shift in sales to lower priced
    >> promotional product, along with a weaker slate
    >> of new release music

    My god...stop saying this! Does he say this to his leaders? Talk about enabling a culture of excuses.

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    • He doesn't say it to his leaders, or let them use it as an excuse. Unfortunate that he continues to use it in these earnings releases.

      Any regular CEO, at this point, would have been let go. The fact that he and his family own so much of the company saves him.