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  • Jack_Baer Jack_Baer Feb 22, 1999 1:28 PM Flag

    IDA website --- your thoughts?

    Why not rate the site at PlanetClick & let everyone else know what you think?

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    • It may be a great company. I have decided to pass. They put out about 4 press releases a week. Some are repetitive. Some are of minor consequence.

    • Does anyone know if the company is mass-marketing photovoltaic fuel cells to reg'lar folk like me on the other coast?

    • You asked about the DCHT fuel cell and it's

      As one who has been to their facility I can tell you
      that the order from BPA for 110 fuel cells is DCHT's
      order to lose.

      If upon delivery in Nov the 3kW
      stack performs as anticipated, there will be a larger
      order placed. While NW Power has advertised that they
      would like other companies to compete, apparently that
      hasn't happened.

      I am advertising DCHT's PEM Fuel
      cell at

      needless to say, the site gets a lot of inquiry, although
      there isn't much more I can say about that

      If you would like further information, feel free to
      call me at 5613383390


    • DCHT is a great company with lots of
      promise....check out the msg board at
      someone keeps selling their holdings at .6875 and never
      lets the stock price get past that point.....if this
      entity would just raise the asking price the whole darn
      stock would start to move upward and the company would
      again be valued for whats its worth.....someone is
      stupidly hurting themself.....according to the
      "Hydrogen&Fuel Cell Letter",DCHT is being hired to"evaluate the
      advantages of fuel cell systems for onboard power and
      propulsion on maritime vessels" and will evaluate the saftey
      of hydrogen for these applications........

    • The salmon are doing great below the four lower
      Snake River dams. Fish & Game data from OR. WA.
      & game department shows the Yakima River, Umatilla
      River, John Day River, and the Hanford reach of the
      Columbia salmon stocks are holding their own or thriving!
      There is even a non-indian salmon season this year.
      These fish only have to pass over three

      The bottleneck is the four dams above them. Only 96
      chinook have reached the Sawtooth hatchery near Stanley.
      I Recently attended a meeting where Brian Brown
      spoke. He's an eighteen year veteran with NMFS
      specializing in salmon and hydro electric.

      He stated
      that if the four lower Snake dams were breached the
      salmon would have the best and only chance of surviving.
      He also mentioned there would be no need for further
      drawdowns from the upper Snake reservoirs for smolt
      flushing (the IDA dams).

      One of the major culprits
      causing the problem may be Potlatch Corp. at Lewiston.
      They continue to dump about 1,800,000 (one million
      eight hundred thousand) pounds of toxins into the
      Clearwater each year from a pond to a pipe to the river. The
      temperature of the stinking discharge material is somewhere
      around 90-92 degrees F. This has been going on for 25
      years. Their discharge permit expired in 97' and is up
      for renewal. My discussions today with experts on the
      Potlatch problem found that toxic releases into the
      Clearwater are probably at the same levels as in 1994.
      Potlatch was the number one polluter in Idaho in that
      year. Estimates to fix their problem are

      All experts on both sides of the present salmon issue
      are ONLY concerned with the four lower Snake dams.
      Threats to the upper dams are only Chicken Little
      concerns at this time. The salmon were in super shape
      before these four lower dams were constructed and will
      recover if they are removed.

      Curious to know if
      that outfitter was the same one who served as an Idaho
      Fish & Game Commisioner for many


    • Just checked out DCHT's website

      Looks like a interesting company.

      Does anyone
      one else know anything about them?

      Their stock
      is selling at only 68 cents. If they
      end up
      winning the IDA contract I would think
      this would be
      quite favourable for their stock.
      At 68 cents I
      might jump in just for the hell of

      Apparently they manufacture sensors as well.

      anybody know about them and has any insight
      i would
      appreciate some feed back.


    • Minimize losses and maximize gains. The track record speaks for itself! WWW. T R A D I N G D I G E S T.NET

    • Global Thermoelectric Successfully Runs Fuel Cell
      System Directly on Natural Gas

      CALGARY, July
      22 /CNW/ - Global Thermoelectric Inc. (TSE: GLE)
      announced today that it has successfully tested a solid
      oxide fuel cell system running directly on natural gas.
      Using an integral reformer, the system produced over
      800 watts from a stack of twenty 10 x 10cm. cells. An
      integral reformer is a device incorporated directly into
      the hot area of the stack, where it converts natural
      gas into a stream of hydrogen and other gases that
      are fuel for the cells.
      ''We were very pleased to
      see the significant power output from this
      stack'' said Jim Perry, President and CEO of Global.
      ''Our original goal was to use a stack containing fifty
      cells to develop an output level of 1,000 watts. The
      power per cell in this twenty cell stack considerably
      exceeded our original expectations. ''All fuel cells
      require hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity''
      explained Jim Lumsden, Vice President of Research and
      Development. ''Our integral reformer uses heat generated by
      the solid oxide fuel cells to produce hydrogen
      directly from natural gas, a commonly available fuel. This
      small, inexpensive and simple reformer will provide
      Global with a significant cost and reliability advantage
      versus other fuel cell systems that require a
      complicated external gas reforming and purification system. A
      key to success in mass market applications like home
      cogeneration, where a fuel cell system would provide both
      electricity and heat, will be the ability to use natural gas
      directly as a fuel, as we have demonstrated. Based on the
      test results, we are now starting development of next
      generation fuel cell systems for stationary and mobile
      applications.''Global Thermoelectric Inc. is the world's largest
      supplier of thermoelectric power generation equipment for
      use in remote locations, and produces crew
      compartment heaters for use in tracked military vehicles.The
      Calgary-based company is also quickly becoming a world leader
      in the fuel cell development industry.


      For further information: Jim Perry, President and
      CEO, Jim Lumsden, VicePresident of Research and
      Development or Larry Kyle, Chief Financial Officer at (403)

      GLOBAL THERMOELECTRIC INC. has 41 releases in this

    • The ocean thing is a last ditch effort to refocus
      the demise of the salmon on something other than the
      four lower Snake River dams. No organization with
      scientific credentials exists that doesn't point the finger
      at the dams.

      Idaho chinook and steelhead are
      passing through Lower Granite at an all time low.

    • I thought the Idaho Statesman was the worst polluter in Idaho? They sure spewed a lot of smelly crap when I lived there! Nighty Night!

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