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  • br070312 br070312 May 6, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    How long

    does it take to get groung broken for a plant...looks like it is time for a name change. Even the b.s. news releases can not move this turd. The smart people know this is a scam. Slowly it will be down to five cents again. Sorry for the bag holders in this one. Where is bionbeliever been? Only way you will see two bucks a share is with a split. Call them and talk to them and you will know it is a #$%$ shoot.

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    • Do you even know what it takes to initiate ground breaking for a facility like this? Honestly.. do you? Or are you just a frustrated phart that comes from sirphartmore...?

      "It's important that we demonstrate our ability to manage the logistics and processing of large quantities of biomass in this pre-construction phase. We intend to process the wood and either store it or sell it to generate revenue prior to ground breaking and construction of the plant,"

      If youre shorting it .. then so be it .... the stock wont move until they show some headway into producing something.. but its going to take time.

      The next phase of the project, which includes front-end engineering designs and engineering, procurement and construction, will be executed from KBR’s Delaware-based operation."

      So who knows where this will go but dont get your panties in a bunch because youre not making instant profits!

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