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  • unhappyatodp unhappyatodp Oct 13, 2005 6:56 AM Flag

    Fools who stayed

    I've been at OD for several years and don't like what I'm seeing. I guess I should have heeded the earlier warnings and left when they were offering a sweet deal. In Odland's view, employees are an expendable resource.

    Investors, enjoy the ride while it lasts but there is no way Odland's style can build anything long term. There's nothing for middle management--the ones who implement his new vision--to keep us motivated. The stock rise is great for the execs with huge stock options but there's no incentive to motivate the people who actually have to get the work done so, if they're good enough to find another job, they're looking for it now. ODP will be stuck with the ones who aren't good enough, or smart enough, to go someplace else.

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    • Do you think the changes mgmt has made are helping to improve store sales?

    • The lack of satisfaction has reached the store level in a big way as well. The initiatives that are coming out of Delray are confused and discombobulated. There is no focus on sales is all about doing repetitive tasks on a computer so the DM can check on you and so his RVP can check on him. Nothing is being sent down that is fresh, exciting, or the least bit profitable.

      There is nothing like trying to do your job but having to constantly interrupt yourself to go sit at a computer terminal and do KnowledgeQuest every month. The questions have not changed in about a year and a half and we are learning nothing new. It is almost like we are being forced to push the button in the hatch on Lost. But hey, at least now I know that there are 600 bicycles for every car in China.

      The Real Outs system forces people to manage their stores to the report, rather than manage their outs to handle customer needs.

      The new mystery shop is so scattered and vague that there is almost no way to get a good score consistently.

    • There are LOTs of folks at Office Depot who are miserable, not to mention those who dread each new quarter, wondering if their heads are on the chopping block. I didn't take advantage of the VRF package, but decided that Office Depot was no longer the place for me.

    • Worse than those who stayed are those who left & didn't cash in their options last month. Hope their retirement wasn't dependent on OD being at $30!

    • Horrible managers and terrible dir's. They mention how many people left for the exit program, but they don�t mention the number of people who are still leaving. It�s still bad there. They cleaned house and reorged several times, but all they do is eliminate or move vp's and dir's. They stop short of the managers which is where the problem continues to lye. Do all the management surveys they want, it doesn�t mean crap. What happened to the re-leveling of employees, is that still on? A few managers need to be put on the tech track and get off the managerial train. They are crashing the OD express.

      Best places to work? Baaaaaa, hahahahahahahahaha

    • sounds like a good plan to me ...take the money and run!

      it used to crack me up thinking about OD trying to make the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work ...if they would take a look around at the companies that make that list year over year they would see that they aren't even close.

    • would compel me if I thought I could line up another job and about equal pay....then its like geting a bonus....and that's what happened...many of the good people left to find a less stressful place to work...where people talkthe talk and walk the walk....

    • sure would not compel me to leave unless I was miserable or saw an axe coming soon.

    • Simple resign and get paid the same as if you had been terminated w/o cause (1 wk for every year of service if hourly, 2 wks if salaried) plus 4 weeks. You also get two months Cobra paid. Paid weekly.

    • Monica is also the perosn who redefined the Northeast to include the Baltimore/Washington area. That's not good. BTY what has she done that was profitable recently?

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