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  • hyulpy hyulpy Feb 12, 2010 12:46 PM Flag

    Office Depot Overcharges!! Outrageous!

    Well, I have to admit, I am long on ODP. Bought at 73 cents a share a couple of days before the bottom last March. I feel very fortunate to have been in this stock at the right time.

    But, today, I went to buy some legal pads at Office Depot, which were clearly marked 12.99. But the cashier rang them up as 14.99!

    I brought this to the cashier's attention, and she promptly and courteously apoligized for the error, and refunded me for the overcharge, and the manager immediately updated the incorrect price in their computer.

    I hope this is an isolated instance, because it sould be "OUTRAGEOUS" if this was a pattern (as some on this board have suggested).


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    • Its outrageous that ODP systematically overcharged me by $2.00 (plus tax). But they refunded it to me upon request. Maybe I should post a whole bunch of annoying messages every day about this. Seems to be the thing to do these days.

    • First off, you should have purchased sku 305706 which is our best selling 8 pack for only $6.99. (Unless you needed a certain type and size).

      Second, I can tell you what happened with the price discrepency. You will pay the highest price for supplies when our Big Book comes out. We spend much of late December and early January raising all of our prices for the busy January timeframe and Big Book release. We, at store level, are overloaded with price changes everyday and sometimes - just can't keep up. The store you shopped at let the price change slip by. (In fact, every store lets some slip by).

      For all you managers out there, one of the best practices is after the final download of price changes hits, reprint the entire planogram bin labels and check it that way. It may seem like a waste of bin labels; however, you will be surprised by the amount of incorrect prices you will find. It's much quicker than scanning the entire section.

      For the shoppers out there, keep an eye on the prices and what it rings up at the register. I hate to admit it, but pricing discrepencies is a pattern at most every store. For the store employees/managers out there that disagree, let me scan an 8ft section of your store to prove you wrong!

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      • Well thank you kindly for the information. I purchased a 6-pak of "Docket Gold" letter size legal pads. I think they're pretty good quality, because sometimes I buy the cheap ones, and pages fall out from the top. So I was willing to spend $12.99.

        I'll keep an eagle eye out for mispricing in the future. It sounds like it was an honest mistake, and not intentional.

        By the way, I wonder why ODP was up 6% today when the market was down. I'm wondering what price I should sell my stock. Today it closed at 6.17. I think maybe it would be justified to sell it if it hits $12.99.


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