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  • storeodgirl storeodgirl Aug 20, 2010 8:17 AM Flag

    Steve Schmidt the “Millennium Man”

    It is time that we had some positive posts on this message board.

    Office Depot is in good hands with Steve Schmidt as the BSD President who is poised to take over from Steve Odland at the end of the year.

    As our CEO Steve Odland continues to lose interest in Office Depot, the task of running the company and setting our future path is more and more falling to Steve Schmidt. It is obvious that the Board of Directors and all senior management trusts him, as he is the rock that the future foundation of Office Depot will be built on.

    Within Office Depot Mr. Schmidt has taken on a near “Rock Star” persona as his Youtube videos defending the company are considered “Must See TV”.

    Here are but a few of his accomplishments:

    He has squashed the liar and parasite David Sherwin.

    He has exposed certain news media of being biased and unethical towards Office Depot.

    He exposed unethical behavior by U.S. Communities, dumped them and found the most respected and ethical cooperative in the country TCPN.

    He has defended Office Depot against an onslaught of lies and allegations. He ensured that the reviews of Office Depot all ended with Office Depot being completely cleared.

    He strategically, got out of unprofitable government accounts by either walking away from the account completely or insisting that the contract be shared with other agencies to ensure profitability for Office Depot. Depot walked away from North Carolina, Texas and California state contracts because of the low profitability and poor payment records of those states. Office Depot insisted that South Carolina and Florida divide their state contracts amongst multiple vendors to ensure Depot profitability.

    They do not refer to Steve Schmidt as the “Millennium Man” for nothing, because he will take Office Depot to new and exciting heights in this new millennium!

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    • Office Depot is navigating stormy seas at this time. There are two great obstacles to the success of Office Depot.

      The first is this Twodogs80/David Sherwin who is Office Depot’s most implacable enemy. Though a liar, fraud and drunk, he has wielded his poison pen of lies and false allegations in a ceaseless barrage against the company.

      The second is actually, our CEO Steve Odland who has proven to be a “weak sister” in dealing with Sherwin, motivating the sales forces and showing concern for the well being of Office Depot associates. Odland pretty much can only cut costs, which at some point translates to cutting services to our customers. There is not a single Office Depot associate that does not believe Odland has consistently degraded the customer’s relationship and experience. It is actually this cost cutting and inability by Odland to understand sales and marketing, that has led some associates to believe the allegations of cheating on government contracts as Odland’s way of compensating for his inability to drive sales revenue increases.

      Conversely, Steve Schmidt has gained the respect of associates of all divisions as a fighter for Office Depot and a person who understands and empathizes with both the retail and contract sales forces. Those who do not understand why Steve Schmidt is the only choice for CEO either do not work at ODP or have little understanding of the company’s inner dynamics. Steve Schmidt has kept this company from going bankrupt, which it would have if it hand been left to Odland unchallenged. Lose Steve Schmidt and you lose Office Depot.

    • Millennium Man or Millstone Man?

      Since Steve BullSchmidt took over BSD or NA Delivery in 2007, sales have plummetted from $4.6Bn to $3.2Bn a 30% drop...all taken by the independent dealers.

      This excludes the impending loss of profitable $600m contracts from USC, California, Texas and Florida. That adds up to $2Bn lost in 3 years.

      MM a rock star...ethical...accomplishments? MM is not only incompetent, uncommunicative, corrupt and unethical, he is a legalistic bully.

      Desperate duo 'Odious Odland' and his 'Pinnochio Pal' Schmidt have destroyed the ex-#1 OP brand, laid off 15000 employees and bankrupted a fading Fortune 500 force.

    • Steve Schmidt as CEO?

      Have the inmates taken over the asylum?

      Such a move would be pure lunacy. It would be like putting Bernie Madoff in charge of the SEC. All of the scandals, investigations, and negative press have been tied directly to Steve Schmidt’s North American Contract Sales.

      Surely the Board of Directors could not be so out of touch and clueless as to make such a move. For those of us who are in at $10 we will never see a penny of profit if these posts about Schmidt are correct.

      Thanks for ruining my weekend

    • On very good confidential high-ranking sources, the decision to elevate Steve Schmidt to CEO is a near done deal. The tentative time frame for such is the period of January-March 2011.

      It is said that in order for him to accept the CEO position Schmidt wants the resignation/replacement of board members Neil R. Austrian, Marsha Johnson Evans, W. Scott Hedrick, and the OK to immediately replace Daisy Vanderlinde (Executive Vice President, Human Resources) and Elisa D. Garcia C. (Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary). Schmidt has made it clear that he wants free reign to bring in a strong and loyal management team that is willing to get in the trenches and as he says “get their hands dirty”!

      It is also expected that within BSD Vickie Dumont will be elevated to a senior VP position almost immediately.

      It is also believed that the Board has become disenchanted with CEO Steve Odland, and they look to the more involved management and leadership of Steve Schmidt to end a prevailing management malaise within Office Depot.

      In my opinion, the above is action is long over due. However, with light at the end of the tunnel, it is worth the wait for Steve Schmidt to ascend to CEO, and begin taking Office Depot on an aggressive course to regain its position as the leading world-wide provider of office products!

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      • The Board of Directors should make whatever deal Schmidt wants. If Schmidt says certain Board members must go, then those Board member need to go. It has been known for a long time that as Steve Odland began losing interest in Office Depot, the entire Board began to become more and more dysfunctional.

        Schmidt knows which ones are bad for ODP, he should draw up a list and those Board members need to do the right thing and step down.

      • Steve Schmidt is the worst performing Office Depot executive ever….an ideal candidate for a fading Fortune 500 corporation?

        Since 2007 he has wiped out $2Bn in sales (from $4.6Bn in 2006); destroyed the leading Viking brand; exacerbated the massive fraudulent overcharging of state and local government accounts (Over $50 million); demonstrated corrupt and unethical behavior by covering up and misleading shareholders, customers and employees; savaged a top sales force, all of whom are performing well in the independent community; laid off thousands of employees; Oh and BSD has not made a profit since he arrived.

        Dismiss the desperate duo of ‘Odious Odland’ and his pal ‘Pinocchio Bullschmidt’ and start again…these guys are unethical incompetents.

        Depot is dead and needs to break up in order to revive itself. Sell off the retail division; give Dave Grove a chance to lead BSD with new financial backing; sell off the International Division to local management, who have performed quite well away from the Boca Boulevard of BullSchmidt.

    • so when was Odland's departure announced - on this weeks conference call?

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      • OK, this is like reading a saga of a battle between good and evil...from what I read on these posts the TwodogsSherwin is the Darth Vader of the world and Steve Schmidt is a cross between Jesus and Ghandi.

        I am not buying it. There is no question that Office Depot has very serious problems, stock price, loss of customers and multiple investigations of its government contracts...last time I looked Schmidt was an officer of the company and should be held responsible, maybe TwodogsSherwin is just the bearer of bad news?

        Anyways, Schmidt as CEO not in this millenium!

    • Are you saying that CEO Steve Odland is leaving at the end of 2010? That would be a huge step forward in my opinion as it has been one step forward and 100 steps back since he took over for Bruce Nelson. Not everything can be blamed on the economy of 3 states and it's time some accountability fell on his lap. Who knows? - if he leaves he might take Sherwin with him? Heaven help the next company.

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      • From what I am hearing the Board is looking to attempt to install Schmidt on or about 1st Qtr of 2011.

        A number of the Board of Directors (BOD) have come to the conclusion the Odland is a “one trick pony” that can only cut costs but cannot increase sales. There is no question that as CEO Odland has made Office Depot a leaner operation, however after a number of years the BOD has recognized that some of Odland’s cuts actually have had a negative impact on the customer and thus have stunted sales growth both in retail and BSD.

        Where Steve Schmidt’s strengths are in motivating and leading from the front, Odland is now considered an “ivory tower recluse” that neither understands nor respects the sales force. Over the last year Odland seems to have lost interest in Office Depot’s long-term future and he has grown more and more out of touch with OD management.

        Steve Schmidt is looked at as the anti Steve Odland.

        I am also hearing that there are at least two current Board of Directors that Schmidt insists on them resigning if he is to accept any offer as the new CEO. You can also take this to the bank; Daisy & Elisa will be shown the door almost immediately after Schmidt takes over.

        I do not believe that there is a plan B if Schmidt does not accept the CEO position. The biggest stumbling block most likely will be getting the several BOD members to acquiesce and resign, as per Steve Schmidt’s reuirements.

        Stay tuned.

    • you mean end of 2010/ ..thanks in advance


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      • I cannot believe that the Board of Directors is seriously considering Schmidt for the CEO position.

        These posts look to be posturing and part of the ongoing power struggle within ODP.

        You have the “anyone but Odland” camp and the “blame Steve Schmidt” camp.

        Odland is being blamed because he has never connected with the majority of ODP associates who are constantly asked to do more with less.

        Schmidt is being blamed for failing to get control of all the scandals plaguing North American Delivery.

        These pro-Schmidt posts seem to be more of a campaign for CEO then statements of fact. What they do show is there is a deep and serious division within Office Depot and until the rift is healed Depot will not be able to focus on moving forward as a cohesive organization.

        Probably the best thing is to bring in some new blood to excite Depot associates, stockholders and investment community.

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