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  • jamieodbsd jamieodbsd Dec 19, 2010 5:19 AM Flag

    2011 Ending on Up-Swing-2011 Revovery Year

    2010 is ending on s significant up-swing with the winning of the NIPA national contract in partnership with the State of Florida, National IPA is the number one purchasing cooperative for government agencies nationally. NIPA is giving Staples the boot in favor of much better pricing and service by Office Depot for this premier national agreement.

    Store sales are going throgh the roof for the holidays!

    2010 is finishing strong and will carry on into 2011.

    Everyone at Office Depot has given credit t this turn around to BSD President Steve Schmidt who is now acting as CEO in fact if not by official appointment.

    Even Schmidt is saying all of Office Depot's ills were Odland's, and that Odland was the main cause of all Office Depot failures.

    With Odland gone so to is the mismanagement. Depot is now in the capable hands of Steve Schmidt.

    2011 will be Depot's year, mark my words!

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    • Sorry, title should be 2010 ending on up-swing

    • So what is your PPS prediction for 2011?

      2007 ODP hit 43 and went down to below a buck
      this year we have seen 3.36 - 9.19.

      I am willing to sit this out and hoping it will get back to 20s but ODP needs a few solid quarters to even get close to 20.

    • Nice to hear your positive remarks! Merry Christmas to you and yes a Happy New Year for Office Depot shareholders..

    • "Even Schmidt is saying all of Office Depot's ills were Odland's, and that Odland was the main cause of all Office Depot failures."

      If he is really saying these things, he needs to be fired.

      If he can't keep his mouth shut and just help the company get out of this mess instead of continually trying to lay all the blame on someone else, he is no better than Odland was.

      Sometimes I wonder if you post things like this just to get people even more p.i.s.sed off at Schmidt because no real leader of a company would say things like this.

      And as I stated: If he DID say what you posted, he needs to be fired. I sure wouldn't want a blabber mouth like this as CEO.

    • ON Dec 10 you posted the following:
      NIPA is run by a group of corrupt individuals who are no different then those at U.S. Communities.

      Office Depot decided that it wanted no part of NIPA or San Diego County.

      Office Depot does not do business with corrupt government agencies or corrupt organizations like NIPA.

      Now you tout them as the Number One Purchasing Cooperative.

      Serious credibility issues with your posts and constant campaigning for Steve Schmidt. Care to comment?

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