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  • wardsown wardsown Dec 28, 2010 1:09 PM Flag


    Price is eroding without some sort of news.

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    • This is not a card game of instance equity. ODP has been steady upward since the lapse of the Gulf Oil Crisis. This is not the giant repeat of last year but is turning out to be that way eventually. For the few who have be accumulating since July it has been quiet rewarding. Weather you have bought or shorted this stock both parties have made gain either way. Shorts the first half of the year and longs the second half. Going into this spring they are in good shape to make a push back to 7 to 9 range. Which would be a triple digital again. Odland the big gamble did not pay off and its time to get back to work and salvage some equity for the share holders. Ink Depot needs to be put back in place where employees can sale and prevent ink thief.

    • WOW! Looking at it that way....Perhaps a merger would make sense. I still think it's going private but time will tell

    • "their share price is one quarter of their competition"

      That's not really a fair assessment.

      Given the number of shares that the three big companies have, the difference in share price is not as stark in one case, and astronomical in the other.

      If all three companies had the same number of shares as Office Depot does now, with the current valuations placed on all three taken into consideration, this is what it would look like:

      Closing price today at 277.07 million shares each:

      Office Depot - 5.36

      OfficeMax - 5.58

      Staples - 59.42

      If this were a horse race, Office Depot and OfficeMax would be fighting for a very far away second place to Staples.

      The two little guys should join up and cut some redundant stores, employees, management, etc.

      Either that, or they both need to be bought out by a single company that has the resources to make it work.

    • they were more than background noise.....but i'm in agreement with you that going private would be good for ODP share holders

      Happy Trading!

    • Maybe the deal has died. Volume down, PPS down, no news.
      I am thinking about unloading.
      There is always the possibility that bad news is coming.
      I am currently up a little, but considering not taking a chance with the downside.
      The big boys always know what is going on and, right now, they ain't buying.

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