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  • robertvendel robertvendel Mar 6, 2013 2:09 PM Flag


    Hey buddy. This board is a joke with the BS posts! We are in a holding pattern and wondering what news will bring us back to at least the 5's? Thoughts?


    Bobby V.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Put the spammers and such on ignore. As to your question: I have no idea. I have put in a sale order and if it gets back to $6 I am out. I am tired of the management team floundering around like a fish out of water. If it goes to $15, I will congratulate all the folks who hang around that long. I am out at $6.

      Whether I buy back in is a question I can not answer at this time. I have screwed up two times and let $6 slip away. I won't do it again.

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      • You guys should look for other opportunities, I am starting to analyze spinoffs and merger securities and rights offerings after reading Joel Greenblatt's book. Lots of opportunities to pick out bargain issues. For this stock unfortunately the catalyst has come and gone, I don't seen anything else unlocking value. I got somewhat lucky that I had a predetermined sell level set at 6.00 and got taken out, if I had set 6.50 would not have been so lucky. But either way I would sell at this point and look to other opportunities. Like I said before this company has no competitive advantage, this is not a good business to be in long term, anyone can walk into a Walmart or target and buy their office supplies for cheaper. Or Amazon etc. As warren buffett says time is the friend of the good business, and the enemy of the mediocre. The other issue coming down the road soon(I dont know when) is the fact the stock market is artificially inflated now, due to people borrowing money cheap, and investing into equities. Once the interest rate turns the stock market is going to drop quite a bit, That will induce panic selling by the people who understand the least about investing, and who as a result of all the press about stocks going up have speculated. This will be a good time to find bargains, for people who understand how to value a business. I have been on these boards a long time, there is a guy over at the stock (NILE) who has been bashing the stock for 3-4yrs now (it is grossly overvalued in my opinon so I never bought), because he lost money in it, he is obsessed and posts on a daily basis. He is earning nothing for doing this, and I have doubled my money several times while he sits and waits for that one stock to drop in price, so that he can be validated, it has yet to happen.

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