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  • justa_country_boy justa_country_boy May 16, 2013 2:20 PM Flag

    "TheStreet" is joke

    It seems so obvious that there are people at "The Street" and "Motley Fool" who want to see this company fail. They can never find anything good to say about ODP OR the sector in general. And, even though it died down a bit for a while, it is being sung loud and clear again: Amazon and Walmart are going to put the office supply companies out of business. Bull sthi.

    These companies may fail one day, but it will be because of sorry management.

    I, and I am sure most other businesses, do not want to have to walk into a cavernous store to find a few things that I need for my office. And, when I need something, I need it. I am not going to wait around a day or two for it to be shipped from Amazon. And NO: Walmart does not have everything that business buy from the office suppliers. I wouldn't even try to check if Amazon does because for me ordering from Amazon is not going to happen. Like I said, when I need it I need it now, not tomorrow.

    Work on the prices they are charging. Convenience does not have to cost so much. Work on selection. Quit trying to be a computer store. Get rid of the dead weight at the top of the ladder before it crashes down on everything and buries the company once and for all.

    ODP management is the most inept crew I have ever seen aside from Enron. They fail, they are promoted. They fail, they are given stock options. They fail, their contract is given a golden parachute.

    Where in hlle are all the big investors who can vote these fools out? Do they ENJOY sitting around and watching their money dwindle away?

    It would not surprise me if sooner or later, some small investor who has lost his kid's college money with these fools, is going to go Postal and clean up this mess for us. I would be the first in line to donate to his defense fund.

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