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  • stevecannon22 stevecannon22 Dec 10, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

    New CEO iw in way over his head

    If he ever stops talking about himself, he will realize that he has bit off way more than he can chew in taking on the integration responsibilities of this merger. He is a retail guy, food fast food and bowling alleys (does anyone still bowl?). He knows nothing about the contract business or international business and appears as though he will be filling seats with retail "leaders" he worked with in the past. Retail is the easy part of this merger. Any idiot can close duplicate and underperforming stores. I give this guy two years at most.

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    • At this level, a 17 billion dollar company which is undergoing merger, what is needed is not an expert on file folders but an expert on Mergers. This team of CEO and CFO have done it before successfully. The integration process, eliminating duplication, realizing cost savings, dealing with tax ramifications of closing stores and job elimination, these are detailed issues that require experience, finesse, and the balls to make hard choices. Wall Street seems to like the choice and he has moved quickly as promised on deciding on FL as the HQ. I expect you will see many major announcements such as who will run the merchandising group of the combined company, and the branding of the stores, websites and Contract business in the very near future. Head count has to be drastically reduced quickly. Job overlaps eliminated and combining of systems and processes. This is what these guys have done before. I believe that he will be a huge success as he has a track record.

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    • Last time I checked ODP was a retail company. This guy is a merger specialist and may not be here after the merger process is complete. He will be closing and letting a lot of people go. You speak as if you may be one he is letting go? Of course he will be talking a lot about himself at start as he needs to let people know who he is... are you just #$%$ or what? By the way... on an unrelated note. Bowling is the most popular sport in the U.S.

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