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  • realoldguy realoldguy May 5, 1999 12:56 AM Flag

    Good day...more to come

    Lots of positive stuff and lots of new faces on
    the board. Ya gotta love it when everybody is jumping
    in and talking positive, just gotta love. looks like
    good things are ahead.

    You know I just hate to
    talk about negative stuff, its, well its negative, ya

    Anyway, I'm not to sure the Viking thing is all that
    intergrated yet. I think the international piece is doing
    well, but mostly the former Viking guys are runing
    that. The opening in Japan went well and they are
    getting some business, but it will still be next year at
    least before they turn a profit there. Viking hd
    several call centers around the counrty, 5 I think, and
    they are each still run independently of ODP's call
    centers. Viking had 10 or so warehouses around the country
    and none of those have been combined with the ODP
    warehouses. At least not yet.

    I actually think that
    ODP is being very smart in taking this real slow to
    avoid management conflicts and to avoid some of their
    better people run for the exits. I just don't think the
    full synergy that we were promised during the merger
    has yet to be realized.

    But to be positive,
    and I like being positive, I think there should be a
    real bang from the inventory programs that they have
    in place. I was actually surprised that earning were
    not higher because of it. I mean, if you buy more
    stuff from a supplier than anyone else in the world,
    then you can pretty much tell them that you want to be
    the low cost buyer and that you want it in a certain
    place in a certain time. And if they don't want to do
    that then you'll buy that file folder or case of paper
    from the competitor down the road.

    Well, thats
    way to much for me, and its way past my bedtime,
    gotta get my beauty sleep at my age, don't you

    And remember, its only my opinion, so its not worth

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