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  • ya_gotta_believe_in_me ya_gotta_believe_in_me Jul 20, 1999 2:12 PM Flag

    falling $1 per day; in 17 more days...

    it'll be worth $0 at this


    YA_GOTTA_BELIEVE_IN_ME (Because if you can't believe in ME, who CAN you
    believe in?)

    P.S. I'M starting to have trouble
    believing in myself...ugh!

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    • ya gotta love "ya gotta believes" recent moves ... that there money you put in RAD, COF and ODP is really growing like a weed on the manure pile, ain't it! Ya dumb bastid!

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      • Ya wanna see LOSSES? If you think our 1/2 point
        loss was big, how about todays HUGE cappers?

        GET OUT OF TOWN SHORTY! Some one is snapping up
        deals. My predication is the DOW will

        DOW 165

        Microsoft, 5 1/8
        Lucent, 6 1/2
        IBM, 7 3/4
        Packard, 5 1/16
        Intel 2 11/16
        AT&T 1 1/4
        GE 2
        World COM 1 5/8
        Merck 1

        ........... Ice

    • I think that Merill is well informed. In my
      opinion, he operated the downgrade on the basis of some
      information. He use to sell
      shares for ODP

      So, hard times are to come, ... fasten your seat belt
      or jump
      out of the game, ...

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      • When the new base forms, probably at $15, have
        some extra cash available. Remember, Merrill didn't
        say HOLD. They probably wanted to see ODP's next card
        before they committed any further. Me?...I'm not long,
        but I love this stock and once the selling pressure
        stops, there will be a window of opportunity to make
        some real money here.

      • I have to admit, dropping below 17 3/4 was
        worrisome however, no fear (while risking thousands at
        every point drop), have you seen the DOW for day? This
        company is like a blue chipper, when they fall, ODP tends
        to fall a little. Hang in there... (sweating
        profusely..;> The one who buys @ 17 1/4 to 17 1/2 is going to
        get the real deal. Remember, blue chip also means
        solid prospects.

        I must also be a realist, if
        momentum forces the DOW below 10,500, be scared. Realist

        ............ Ice

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