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  • Redneck_Dan Redneck_Dan Jul 30, 1999 4:31 PM Flag

    Fundementals seem to be improving too

    Wall Street City shows a positive 14/5 Stochastics Breakout and a positive 12/15/9 MACD breakout. I don't know what it means, but at least it is positive.

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    • New York, Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Corp.,
      Office Depot Inc., Globalstar Telecommunications Ltd.
      and Nokia Corp. shares could rise more than the Dow
      Jones Industrial Average over the next six months,
      according to four analysts who are contestants in the Wall
      Street Journal's ``Darts vs Pros.'' Shares in Intel,
      which makes computer chips, lagged behind other top
      semiconductor makers as computer sales slowed, said Kobrick
      Funds President Fred Kobrick, while Office Depot stock
      is undervalued compared to rivals like Staples Inc.,
      said Western-Southern Life Insurance Co.'s John C.
      Holden. Nokia Corp., which makes cellular phones, is a
      ``pure handset play,'' said Noble Financial Group
      research director Peter van Hengel, while Whelan & Gratny
      Capital Management portfolio manager Gary Gratny told the
      Journal that Globalstar, a satellite telecommunications
      company, is expected to report its first profit in

      The Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen 25 percent
      in the past year and 15 percent during the past six
      months. (WSJ C1 8/5

    • s are in much
      better locations than OMX. Although the stores are not
      in malls they are on main roads easy to get at. Not
      being in malls means freer access from the parking lot
      to the store.

    • over a long period of time is better than a quick loss IMHO. Companies like this turn around. It's just a matter of when.

    • yeah, moving to the s&p 500 seems to be a lot
      more hype than "happenings".......

      but if you
      ever post a message on one of these boards when a
      stock is being added to an index, but you are saying
      that it is "much ado about nothing", you will most
      likely be met with several unflattering

      not saying there's anything wrong with those guys or
      anything, but I think it just shows how "strong" that
      particular hype many believe it, so when you
      suggest it ain't necessarily so, you get

      glad to have been of help (even tho YOU did all the fact, I didn't give you any real "advice" at
      all.....sometimes, it turns out that's the best advice

      good luck

    • Your reply has basicly validated my thinking,
      I'll hold for a
      gain as this company has bounced
      from 40 cents to 5 dollars,
      then goes from BB OTC
      to AMEX recently, then drops to 1 5/8.
      wondering of any "rule of thumb" indicators.

      about 40 percent of my portfolio in this one and ODP,
      both upgrading (ODP entering the S&P 500) at this time
      seemed to have devalued rather than help. New at this
      and am learning
      about being caught up in the

      Not worried, I've another twenty years before
      I'll need this

      Thank you,


    • thanks for asking my opinion

      however, I'm
      not able to give you any kind of real answer to your
      question (which I think really is "what should I do")for 2

      1) I don't know anything about the company other
      than what you have stated, and I don't know anything
      about your it a strong company that is
      just temporarily down on it's luck, or simply being
      oversold in the midst of a correction (for example)or is
      it a weak company that just isn't going to "turn the
      corner" to profitability and being justly punished (as
      another example)???? also, are you on margin, strictly
      cash, how "risk tollerant" are you,

      2) I make it a practice to not give buy/sell
      recommendations (mainly because I don't know enough about the
      above questions and others)

      "would if I could,
      my friend"

      about the only information I can
      give you based on what you gave me is that I notice
      that some technicians consider the 50 day moving
      average crossing below the 200 to be

      but does that mean you should sell??? I don't the stock likely to continue downward, or will it
      languish a while then turn and head back upward.....and
      what effect would a "lanuguish period" have on your
      sleep pattern??????what effect would continued downward
      pressure have on you?? it better to cut a loss, or
      wait for possible gain???

      the best advice I can
      give you is to re-examine your own situation at the
      time you bought and the reasons you bought the stock
      and compare that with your current situation and any
      current reasons to sell, buy more or simply

      I have to wonder if the answer is already in your
      own head, just waiting to come to the

      wish you the best

    • Friday August 6, 8:28 am Eastern Time
      Press Release
      SOURCE: Office Depot, Inc.
      Depot to Carry IBM ThinkPads in All U.S.
      Buyers Can Save $500 with Mail-in Rebates & ISP
      DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Office Depot,
      Inc. (NYSE: ODP - news), the world's largest seller of
      office products, today announced that it is now carrying
      IBM ThinkPad notebook computers in all 720+ stores in
      the United States.

      IBM's first mobile computer
      line designed and priced exclusively for consumers,
      the new ThinkPad offers the signature black form
      factor and usability features that have made these
      notebook PCs the most award-winning brand in the industry.
      Each ThinkPad also includes:

      a sleek ergonomic
      active matrix TFT displays across the line
      Audio feature with external CD player controls
      unique Internet Scroll Bar function
      debut of Altec
      Lansing (R) SoundGuide speaker technology
      comprehensive service and support package.
      ``Office Depot is
      proud to offer our customers the opportunity to
      purchase an IBM ThinkPad, which is one of the most popular
      notebook PCs available today,'' said Steve Embree, Office
      Depot's Senior Vice President of Merchandising -
      Technology. ``Best of all, by combining the special $100
      mail- in purchase rebate with the $400 mail-in rebate
      available by signing a three year Internet service
      commitment with CompuServe, Office Depot customers can
      actually save $500 off of the ThinkPad's normal $1,699
      purchase price.''

      ``Busy families, students and
      small business workers previously confined to a desktop
      PC can now enjoy the mobility provided by an IBM
      ThinkPad,'' Embree added. ``It is ideal as a second or third
      PC for any room in the home. The sleek ThinkPad
      design integrates the hard disk, CD-ROM and floppy
      drives and modem in an all-in-one unit that saves
      desktop space by eliminating the need for cabled
      peripherals. It is an excellent notebook PC for Office Depot's
      busy customers.''

    • With respect to your input on this board, your
      opinion please.

      I have a stock thats been
      dropping (2 3/4 to 1 3/4)over the last
      90 days. This
      morning I see that at the path it's on the 50
      average and 200 day will crossover in the next 10 days,
      with the
      50 day going down yet the 200 day
      If you've got the time, Thanx

    • world.

      OPD and SPLS are operationing in a
      raising interest rate environment and I'm quessing here,
      but I think that is one of many thoughts on the minds
      of some recent but former shareholders. Now they
      have to growth in a market with more expensive real
      estate, leases and cost of money. All of which makes it
      more difficult to grow, at least profitably. If SPLS
      and ODP don't continue to opens store the game is up.

      By the way, OMX isn't in a position to buy

      As you can most likely tell, I'm not long on either
      company, in fact I have been shorting both for a while.

      Good luck & seek professional help


    • I forget all the details (after all, it's been a
      couple years now)but I think part of the second ODP/SPLS
      merger attempt had something to do with OMX getting a
      few stores out of the deal in an effort to convince
      the "powers that be" that the remaining company
      wouldn't have a monopoly, or an unfair advantage due to
      size and market share, but they weren't
      persuaded.....(I still think the company would have been totally
      awesome....apparently the anti-trust people agreed!)....

      but I
      like your creative thought process

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