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  • PorchView PorchView Aug 6, 1999 12:38 PM Flag

    This is amazing!

    It makes no sense. Really. None at all. "It is
    not logical". As I said before, that's the bad news.
    The good news is that there is absolutely no known
    viable reason that ODP won't head on back up. Question
    is, when? Answer is, who knows? ........... Because
    ........ it ........ makes ........... no ........ sense.


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    • I was beginning to think I had really missed
      something. I mean, we make our investment decisions based on
      the best information around. Just wish I had $$ to
      get in at these prices.

      All I can figure is
      that DLJ and others have fooled enough people to cause
      them to panic and dump. Crazy, isn't it?

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      • Does anyone know when the ODP Board of Directors meets again? The analyst who prepared the 8/4/99 SSB report speculated that, given the low share price, they would vote to start a buyback.

      • The fall from the mid 20s to $18 or $19 is not
        all that surprising. I think the tendency on this
        board is to overestimate how long this firm can
        continue to grow at 15% plus. Saturation is setting in.
        SSS increases at ODP stores were only 3% and I doubt
        they are making big money on their internet

        If people placed a sizable value on internet
        operations, part of ODP's fall might be related to the major
        correction on internet stocks. I feel this is an $18 stock.
        I have to admit, I am a bit surprised by the plunge
        into $15.50 territory, but then again the prospects of
        rising interest rates is hitting all stocks and ODP is a
        high beta stock.

        Good luck, but don't think you
        are getting the bargain of the century if you buy
        ODP. A bargain, but a modest one.

    • Hi again. Thanks for the good wishes that my
      being "otherwise occupied" for awhile is positive (or
      something to that effect). (Day off today to try and catch
      up with everyday life things). And yes, mostly, in
      the long run I believe it'll prove to be positive.


    • FWIW,

      I don't really know how much this
      matters, but on the consumer level, it occurs to me that
      SPLS outlets are situated in malls, IOW, highly
      visible (constant reminder) and ODP seperate stores (at
      least in Portland, OR) are usually in standalone
      locations, not as easily accessible. The "new kid on the
      block in your face" syndrome?

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