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  • dxb.trader dxb.trader Jan 11, 2013 7:47 AM Flag

    Patience People!!!!

    Patience is Virtue!!!

    Have been a long with PGLC & CRGC for over a year and have been looking at it every day.It is my presumption that price is being kept at .39-.40 levels by insiders/mm's for a reason..may be to get the report out and get the skyrocket reach out of the news & move forward(or) CRCG swap is expected and they want good amount of CRGC to get in to the market at an arbitrage reach of .36-.37 levels which would help the stock as a whole(meaning CRGC & PGLC) together.If CRGC was to get to .30+ levels,expect PGLC the to get to .50 cents within 10 days from now.They are going to subsidise the CRGC swap effect with the report release.These guys have known the industry for more than 30 years and we have sharks like BHonig,Dr. who are involved.So i suggest all the boys and gals to just forget this stock holding in your account and lead your life for 3 years with all the patience.You will make it big with no doubt.Some very smart people look at gold price and decide to buy a junior:)plzzz..dont be anywer close to a junior if you come from that school:).A non gold producing junior with OMG infrastructure,mgmt and sharks backing it + avg vol of 700K...This surely might not be the ANV,Aurelian resources from todayz outlook but it will be half of it in 3-5 yrs time.Even if I was in the lunatic asylum,still I wud be a part of this stock to make money and live my next birth as a sane millionaire.:)

    happy longs..patience is virtue.

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    • dxb, I agree with your analysis. The CRGC swap will not have a negative impact on the PGLC share price. The CRGC share issuance was done over a year ago, and has been in the outstanding shares since then. By looking at the 13D filings in CRGC, Honig has been buying up all of the "over hang" and when the S1 becomes effective there should not be too much pressure since insiders like Honig and Frost Gamma own a big percentage. The increase in volume going into the resource report is very encouraging. Anything over 600,000 oz will be a positive report!

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      • 1 Reply to jimmygold2124
      • Hello ppl.Thanks for your views.I would like to clarify why I think there will be a negative impact the day conversion happens.Lets work an example,today CRGC is trading at .285.So when the conversion happens,what should be the technical price of PGLC(if .80 shares are given for every CRGC owner?).It should be approx .36 or so.So when 76 million shares break in to the market at a conversion rate of .36,I really really really feel the market will drop dead straight to .36(regardless of what)...but lets pause for a minute...If the awaited report gets released parallel to the conversion day(and turns good),PGLC jumps to .55 to .60 and the conversion happens.In this scenario,the damage impact will get reduced and PGLC will float around.48-.52..IMHO..ofcourse:)a guy of Mr.SA's experience quoted in their presentation that they project 600k + Ounces when they evidently knew that 2010 report from Fgold only quoted 250K Ounces.So this is my guess...The resource estimate will be anywer above SA's quote and lower than a million or so.The mgmt all they want is for the stock to move to .75 levels once the report is out and if the funds/institutionals start taking the bet,then is when PGLC will come to the limelite and start moving close to a dollar before july/august 13.I see this stock near 3-5 dollars before june 2014 if they get 13 mil $ funding thru one of the sources.I have read through the charts of atleast 100 junior miners and understand they hit their peak not when the production starts happening but when they march towards the start of their production.So hope for the best boys and gals..happy longs!!!

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    • I think you are somewhat confused or it could be me!
      CRGC thing is not dilutive and will just distribute PGLC shares that already exist. Of course that will increase share volume liquidity once the distribution is made. Arbitrage opportunity is still there for anyone to see.
      Biggest thing about getting the CRGC thing done will be allowing a move to a full market listing and then institutions will be able to buy.
      Thr updated resource report of course will lift the stock. My expectation is 1M ounces and the stock north of $1.
      I do agree with your 3-5 year prediction.

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    • springhamm Jan 11, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

      Thank You !! Some needed a wake up call,,This is not a Day Trade stock for sure..

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    • amen...I hear you brother dxb....! This is a winner but it will take some time and patience from all of us owners of PGLC!

    • Huh???

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