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  • deacon.debra deacon.debra Feb 7, 2013 2:30 AM Flag


    Anyone who knows how Dr. Frost does things knows that he's not scared to invest large amounts of cash into his investments. He recently bought large blocks of shs. of OPK on an almost daily basis and the sh. price went from the mid $4 to a little over $7. He will do the same thing here. If the sh. price drops to a level that he thinks is too low he will start buying every shs. available. Anyone waiting for a better entry point for this stock may be dreaming. It may go down to .45 again but I don't even think it will go that low. I have GTF orders in around that price and I'm sure others do also. My peasly little money won't do anything but Frost will not only support the PPS with his buying, he will drive the PPS up. He's a billionaire and he didn't become a billionaire by being timid. He jumps in with both feet and he's very good at what he does. Good luck to all investors in this stock.

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    • Frost reportedly does this microcap investing stuff for fun and money as he is pledged to the Gates foundation.
      I like what I see and Honig is his buddy so that helps.
      I certainly don't know him personally either.

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    • Here's some Frost background for those of you who DO NOT do their personal due diligence, and are emotionally battered by short fused mouths in this space.
      Dr. Frost is "Drugs" through and through. He invests in what he knows 99% of the time. And that "knowing space" is primarily in the drug genre'. And why not? That's his field of expertise. Show me a Doctor who knows squat about actual mining and I'll show you a Dr. who's probably lost his practice and is desparate for work.

      FROST quite literally shares the very SAME OFFICE SPACE with Barry Honig, one of the original insiders of PGLC, a story I've been long in since Early 2012 and am STILL long in.
      I didn't buy in because of Frost. NOR BECAUSE OF SLICK USED CAR SALESMAN HONIG. In fact, Honig was a big garish, blinking, red-light district sign of STAY AWAY FROM SAGE warning due to his being involved in the original flashy Entertainment Promotion company from which SAGE then PGLC sprang. It took much Due Diligence on my part to research and then strip Honig and Frost OUT of the PGLC story to get to the meat and potatoes of this PGLC story.
      The money Frost has PARKED in PGLC/CRGC is PLAY MONEY, money Frost can afford to lose.
      And he's in it because Honig is in it. End of a very simple story. Or if you want more story, then consider this: Honig is FROST's NON-DRUG birddog. So if you want to be in plays before Frost comes in and lifts a stock, then follow HONIG not Frost.
      Furthermore, this isn't the only Dr. Frost/Honig dog and pony investment show with Frost's play money story currently involved. This is if you Frosties want to use Frost as your birddog. Do your homework.
      Another "FROSTY" note worth mentioning is that Frost has CAPPED his current investment in PGLC based upon percentage of outstanding shares. This is why he sold in December, to bring himself in BELOW the % cap he has personally determined is best for him after consulting with Alfers and PGLC. Do not count on Frost to be the one who comes up with "non-dilutive financing." That's NOT the game plan based upon the % investment in PGLC line in the sand FROST has already drawn and ENFORCED by his Dec. selling spree.
      But make no mistake, if you want to make serious money following Frost around, then do it in the drug space, ANNNNNNNNNND have the deep pockets to wait out developments in the self-same drug space because those are MULTI-YEAR plays and he always comes out on top in that space, because of not just his knowledge base, but also his very deep pockets and his understanding of the time required.
      PGLC is simply an amusement to Frost frankly speaking. If Honig ever turns tail and runs which will be evident AFTER THE FACT in SEC filings, it will be too late to do what Frost does, because Frost will ALSO be history, and those trying to ride his shirttails will be left holding the bag wishing they would have paid attention to their little inside voice which whispered loudly to take profits at a higher price point, and not be greedy.
      So, ponder these new discussion points if any have passed Reading Comprehension 101.
      It's always tougher to sell than to buy. I'm in and I'm comfortable. But I'm not dependent upon either Frost's nor Honig's indigestion on any given day.

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      • Seems like Honig and Michael Brauser his bis. associate like the minning stocks, possibly because there is little gov. interferance , and shorter time to get them proffitable . I think Dr. Frosts investments in PGLC and PPRTF are influnced by these two investors . Good luck .

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      • Great post and thanks for sharing. My entry in to CRGC/PGLC was triggered by Frost. Then I found Honig. My biggest reason for investing was Alfers turning up from Franco Nevada - what is he doing here other than wanting to make a load more money than he was getting at FN.
        It was Alfers that got the deal to expand the land (he is well connected all round and especially with Newmont).
        Alfers has attracted a solid team that can execute this project.
        Have done a lot of investing in Biotech space but got out as it takes so long for FDA to do its thing - life is too short.
        I like the PGLC story for the short term (next two years) action. Ramp up to production of 50K ounces for 2014. Not long to wait and the upside on the new land prospecting this year makes this a "here and now" opportunity.

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      • Funny stuff. Honig and Frost investments make money for their investors. They don't take the money and run and leave the sh holders holding the bag. Sometimes the co. is bought out but the co. is never just dumped by Frost. Some people talk because they think people will think they're smart, trust me, this is the case this time. This guy knows NOTHING. I'm still waiting for him to show me where I say I know Frost personally.

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    • You are right on track ! Also check out PPRTF a mining co . that Dr .Frost has 18% of . Barry C. Honig has bought 10% of. and Michael Brausier has bought 10% of in the past 5 months . These 2 companys will have huge groth and the next 2 years . Good luck and keep on smiling and making money .

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      • scott, I own shs. of PPRTF and I plan to buy more if there's a pullback. Even a 3 cent drop would be a good point for me to add more shs. I also own a few other of Frost's investments. I own ALQA, MSLP, OPK, CDXC and of course PGLC. I have faith in all these cos. ALQA may be a little iffy but Frost seems to think he can turn it into a profitable co. He has hundreds of contacts in the medical field so he probably will make it profitable. My investment in ALQA is small so if it doesn't work out it won't hurt much.

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    • Let me get this straight: You CLAIM you know Dr. Frost personally, and furthermore know how Dr. Frost the Billionaire does things?

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