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  • mockingjay66 mockingjay66 Jan 16, 2014 12:16 PM Flag

    Must Read Interview of Barry Honig on Why He Loves PGLC

    An interview of Barry Honig, owner of about 75 million shares of PGLC, on why he loves PGLC stock. Must read. In it he states that a 14 million share block of PGLC shares has just been worked through. That overhang is behind us now. Please go to to read the interview posted today.

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    • Bump!

    • Marksch58,
      I own PGLC!!!!

      I get to CARP on it in my ongoing, critical DD, Mark, because I DO own it.. My shares have a UGLY "Restricted" RED stamped warning smack dab on the front of the Share Cert, that resides in my S.D. box.

      Do you know where UR shares R?

    • Read the article interesting, thanks for the info

    • Still waaaaaaaaaiting for you to admit publicly you hastily posted BUM INTEL acc'd to goldmukwah about ALLIED-NV by a Hong Kong Gold Company. Is THIS why you equally RUSHED TO PRESS this Honig interview? (YAWN)

      This Honig guy BETTER believe in PGLC as he is basically single-handedly financing, currently spent upwards of 25MIL $ from his own wallet as well as his "401-K accounts." --to keep above his P/Pmt price point.

      Must SUCK finding a 14mil share block DUMPED by someone Barry could NOT convince to "wait just a little longer to get beaucoup rich.

      PEOPLE SHOULD REMEMBER that Barry has been doing NOTHING but defending HIS OWN P/Pmt $0.35 level by sopping up the 14mil share overhang. HEY BARRY. NEWS FLASH. THERE ARE MORE SELLERS OUT THERE. And they now know how vulnerable PGLC is thanks to blabbermouth Peter who loves the sound of his own voice and his own AuReports/Seeking Alpha reports/Motley Fool reports/and TWEETS!

    • Good article! Here's a passage for the basher tallfaller, who claims Honig just buys to keep the price up (a stupid claim anyway):

      "PE: What do you say to those who think your open market purchases of Pershing shares are only to support the stock price?

      BH: I’m an experienced trader going back 20 years. I never buy a stock just to support the price, I buy when I see an attractive valuation, an overlooked or oversold situation. My position in Pershing Gold (PGLC) is a big one, but I don’t lose sleep over it because I have high conviction in the assets, management team and exploration upside. Recent drill results have been off the charts, although largely ignored by the market. I’ve been in this situation several times before, as a very large shareholder, helping build and fund a company."

      So helpme_hanna

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