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  • scandie scandie Dec 22, 1999 1:32 PM Flag


    Has there been official notification on the conversion of Ktie to cwst? If so, at what price. Also who handles their PR work?

    Thanks and happy holidays to all

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    • When you guys have someting valueable to
      contribut to the board please feel free to

      This speaking in tongue duel,probably by the same
      person with different names is such a dead give

      Your not fooling anyone, it must be a city council
      member from......B or S Look at that, I didn't even use
      a lifeline.

    • There is only one employee matching the specified
      criteria. He was Mayor of Saco in the 70's, later Chairman
      of the Maine Board of Environmental Protection,
      serving with Gov. King, currently a member of the Maine
      Turnpike Authority.

    • Who are the current KTI employees who are former mayors of Biddeford and Saco respectively, one was with the Maine DEP for a time, who signed MERC's first license?

    • Look, a transfer of existing licenses to another
      name does not render the license "new" or

      That aside, the facility in questions, atleast from
      what I have read about it is among the top 5 in the
      country with respect to environmental performance. To me
      if you have good environmental performance then the
      fiscal fitness must be right around the same

      I have looked at the statues on the Maine website
      and as far as I can tell the Maine DEP acted
      consistenly with the regulations. They did nothing atypical
      for this license transfer in name only to

      So I ask you stock watcher, what is your point?

    • Obviously its wintertime and little to do in the
      Maniacic State. So lets see what would be interesting.
      File something to energize the public. Forget that the
      USG has declared it a merger, we need to get elected
      next year.

    • Publication date: Jan 04,


      Cities unite in pressing for MERC review

      Saco has joined Biddeford's push to have a judge
      review the operating
      license granted to the new
      owners of the Maine Energy Recovery Co.

      Saco filed a civil complaint Dec. 30 in
      York County Superior Court against
      the state
      Department of Environmental Protection and the owners of

      Biddeford filed a similar complaint
      earlier last month. The two cities have
      begun working
      together to address various financial and
      concerns related to the Biddeford plant.

      former owner, KTI Inc. of New Jersey, was taken over
      <Picture>[Casella Waste Systems Inc.] of Vermont last month. While
      officials call it a merger, city officials say it was an
      outright sale that
      triggered their 20 percent interest
      in MERC.

      Now Biddeford and Saco are
      questioning why DEP transferred MERC's operating
      from KTI to Casella without a public hearing or

      In its complaint, Saco asks that a judge
      review the case and require the
      DEP to hold a hearing
      on the license transfer.

    • I am willing to bet CWST hits 25 again by April
      1st. The company needs to prove to Wall Street that
      the integration of KTIE is going smoothly and also
      that they are getting back to their old growth rate
      with acquisitions and internal growth. Those factors
      should start showing up in the next published numbers.
      On top of that, the industry/waste management sector
      is due for some renewed interest from Wall Street.
      When that will happen, no one knows. But, hopefully it
      will happen within the next 6 months.

    • As has been noted many times before, KTIE shareholders have received .51 Casella shares for each KTI share. I've already received the confirmation from my broker.

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