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  • furnituregirl17 furnituregirl17 Sep 21, 2012 9:37 PM Flag

    Dear Sunny

    I have never posted on this board. The only reason I did was because of your comments. Please understand this is not an attack toward you. I just felt you were attacking others. I have been with this company for many years. Regardless of where I work, I have seen many people, MANY GREAT PEOPLE, have to leave this company. I have been thru many rumors thru my time, And all have had some truth to them, I have seen it. I have seen the tearful people leave this place because of the cuts. Great honest working people of all levels of this company!!! I do know that i have not got some of my supplies due to the bills not being paid. But like i said this is not the first time, I like my job. I hope they pull thru this like they did about !0 years ago when they had lay offs and cutting hours. I have many years invested here. Would love to retire from here but always feel the threat!! I try to ignore it and hope that if it is my turn to leave that God has better plans for me.. I want to take up for you and your brother cause I have been thru so much here, But like i said, I have cried with some of this great folks when they left. I don't claim to have alot of facts. But the ones I posted ARE facts. I take it that you brother never had a 27 hour work week! I hope he is thanking his lucky stars. Cause I have had a few of them lately. Thank God right now that my hours are much better the past 2 weeks. Please understand that I am in know way attacking you. So please do the same.

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    • My brother has had to fire some people that he had developed a real friendship with. There were a few times when he called me and said it was like firing a member of the family. He does not have to worry about 27 hr. work weeks, he's on salary but he worked his butt off to get there. after college he worked for another co. for a little while and then went to FBN and has been there since. There will be people getting fired soon but they do have a heart. They're trying to wait until after the holiday season to do it. As far as them "Not paying their bills," I have to disagree with you. There is nobody not getting paid. The problem is they're late paying them, but that's not the same as not paying them. Every one of their suppliers will get paid, all the freight will be paid. Your comment about people not getting paid is unfair because it's just not true. I know they have one supplier in particular that is over their 30 day payable but they will get paid, they know that, their just very late paying this supplier. Last month they paid them for a bill that was due in June, if you work there you probably know who it is. They will pay everyone, just not on time. That supplier is still selling to them so they must not be too upset. There's a lot of #$%$ on this message boardand that's too bad but in the end everyone will know that what I say is 100% true. 100%, Good luck to you.

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      • I understand what you are saying. I also have worked my butt off for years. Been demoted 3 times thru the years. i have seen the sorrow in a man's eyes as he told his family that some of them would be laid off that day. this company was this man's life. My heart tore out for him. then for the family I lost that day. As far as these suppliers still selling to them, yea they will, but I do know they have have been letting us do without. I do know this has happened before in the past couple of years and the supplier has done the same but always worked out for us. I hate the thought of folks being fired , I hope that is not going to happen. But they have been known to hit Mangement before the little folks but i really hope all goes well for all