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  • sunnyvale_who sunnyvale_who Oct 1, 2012 3:26 PM Flag

    Is there any doubt

    There should be no doubt FBN is trying to keep this business intact? If they were wanting to dismantle the co. or go out of business they would not need the loan. Their getting the loan to keep things going and to make needed changes, upgrades is a better word, to make the business more productive for less money. FBN is also looking at getting a line of credit from the U.S. Gov. under the TARP program. It looks like they will get that line of credit. They're trying to do the right thing and I do believe they'll be fine, but they're obviously not in very good shape now. They have meetings every week with the upper management employees to discuss what can be done to make FBN profitable and where they an cut expenses. Over the last 10+ years they've wasted a lot of money and they know they can trim the fat and save money in every division. Nobody can say they're not trying. Mark has a lot of faith in the new team. It's not just a few guys drinking expensive drinks and telling dirty jokes. They really want to succeed.