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  • patch1313 patch1313 May 24, 2001 11:56 PM Flag

    Mr. Morgenstern should resign...

    Who are you people? Morgenstern was the CEO who presided over a CFO cooking the books. Even if just ignorant, then he is still responsbile and derelict either in his bad judgement about people or worse.

    He hasn't gotten us back yet. When that 10k is posted I shall judeg his character, till then I shall mostdefinately reserve judgment. Shuld he ultimately go? Seems to be a pretty good case he should, right? He certainly took RWY into this mess, best patch

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    • We are supporters of Rentway, the question is,"Who are you?" Just some quack who likes to spout off and gets off making false accusations. Now really, how quickly do you expect RWY to get back on track? Think about it, it is going up and I think at a pretty good rate. Please reserve your comments and talk aobut someone you know not Bill Morgenstern who you don't know.