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  • BumbleB572 BumbleB572 Jun 6, 2001 4:52 PM Flag

    I tried to tell you.

    Rwy investor it actually pulled back as low as 5.88 or so back in may, and that is when I was considering buying more;however, no money in the account at that time, and now have the cash in there and it takes off.. ohh well.. I got some at $7 back in Feb and was hoping to pick some more up in the 6 range on some averaging down but it is taking off and I do not know if it has that big of a drop it in it, unless we really get some bad news..


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    • bumble I was referring to all those who bailed out on the "bad" news for previous years on May 24th. I felt that was seeing the news the wrong way and it was a golden buying op.

      Yes it may pull back to those levels again on really bad news, but if the news is that bad, you probably won't buy more anyway. The time to buy was May 24th and the reason was to view the past sins as tomorrow's comparisons.

      Happily taking my chances.