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  • booker48198 booker48198 Sep 22, 2011 6:29 PM Flag

    A Different Angle on Black Swan

    My opinion of our courts has been lowered immensely by the BlacK Swan Ruling.

    As someone who worked half of my life struggling in difficult and menial jobs, and another half involved with multiple professions, It is easy to see that the everyday people of our country have more common sense than the 'Legalistas', and they always have.

    Unlike them, I get to the point quickly.
    What if the Black Swan Treasure were a Nazi treasure? By your logic you would be apologetic and have to find leftover Nazis and give it to them. Ignore that it might have been stolen from the Jews,(Or, in this case, the Peruvians).

    I believe that if the U.S. Government would have found this treasure, They would get their expenses before returning it to the Nazi's.

    Inadvertently, I am making some case for Peru, but if any of these illustrious judges new anything at all about history, They would be aware that such a treasure was a part of the looting of the Americas from the time of the Conquest forward for hundreds of years. If they
    would like to be better educated they should look at the writings of Bartolome de las Casas, who was a slaveholder only a few years into the Spanish Conquest of the Americas. Thomas Jefferson was strongly influenced by his writings. He became the 'Champion if the Indians" of Mexico, but chronicaled all that was happening in the 'New World' early on.

    I said I would be brief, but I wasn't , not on purpose, but due to my emotions. I have little in the game, the rest is about Life and the Future of all of us.

    I do love Spain, but do not agree with your aggressivnes over this issue,

    In the end it is Stupid!

    Love to Peru, Omex, Spain,

    But, What is wrong with our courts?

    This is like the U.S. Congress, Good luck yo all....

    What is right!

    R. Booker


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