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  • tedge1991 tedge1991 May 26, 2012 8:50 AM Flag

    Upward trend...

    I am sure that will be a big spike when they start to tell about silver being recovered. I am glad I was able to get a few shares when it was still under $3.00.

    Bashers / shorts....comments are welcome. Futile, but welcome.... You should have covered when you had the chance...when someone might have sold you the shares.

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    • On the last call. Mark mentioned another that another salvage operation may be secured in the next 60 to ninety days. This should coincide with the feeding frenzy if silver is brought to the surface. My only concern for the timing is when the announcement will be made that they have successfully retrieved silver from the G or M. Will it be with the first few bars, after the salvage is nearly depleted of silver or once the silver bars have been secured on land. Again as a share holder, ultimately the stock price is my primary interest. The rest is just novel speculation.

    • Just about what I'm thinkin!

    • I think $7-$9 is a better shot. Between the mad rush to cover and the multiple that the mkt will put on the G recovery, (a successful recovery may push other govts over the line to sign with Odyssey for similar deals as ONE example), I think the stock will blow by $5. As a matter of fact, I strongly believe the stock will be north of $4 or close to $5 before they even bring any silver up. There will be little reason to be short south of $6-7 after a G recovery, and the shorts will likely take another shot north of $8-$10, but with the Victory in the background it will get very tricky to hold a short.

    • I do think Quick is right on
      the Money!!!!!!!
      They do how-ever have to bring
      up the Silver.

    • Thanks for the come back. You are making me even
      MORE excited about OMEX than I was before!
      (The other twanger let me cash a CD last week!)

    • Your calculation assumes that any value added to the company's assets would directly increase the share value by the same ratio. That is not the case, assets increase and market cap are two different things. The share price would more likely go up more. Market cap is only what the market thinks a company is worth and is not a measure of the company's assets. Action by the shorts isn't even needed to easily exceed $5.25.

      An excellent example is Facebook. They have a market cap of billions of dollars, but their earnings last year were only $100 million, and they certainly don't have billions of dollars in assets.

    • I'm thinking if you add $164 mil to total company
      value, then the stock price should be @ $5.25.
      I base this on a loose avg. valuation = $3/share.

      So, I think any thing above that is gravy.
      Shorts will provide that. It'll just depend on
      how fast they exit as to how much gravy we can
      sop up.

      Salute to all veterans!

    • I expect or guess that the pps will
      go up to about $4 or so next week and
      hover around there until the mention
      of Silver is being brought up, and
      then we will see the spike up and up
      with mention of more Silver. With all
      7 million ounces we could see $7-8!!
      This ofcourse is just guess work
      Make your own decisions on investment!
      Just my opinion and Hope. Read the article
      on top reasons to be long OMEX!

    • I think so-If this recovery happens,
      and I think it will, it's money in
      the bank much quicker with-out all
      the questions going on in 2007!!
      Don't even like to bring up the
      name of that recovery. It will far
      exceed the Republic-but there are more
      shares in the market. It will be interesting
      to see the press the G will have!! I sure
      hope this is successful!!!!!!!
      Republic was 2003. Don't want to confuse
      that with the 2007 recovery. Oh well
      here it goes [the Black Swan]

    • I am sure that will be a big spike when they start to tell about silver being recovered. I am glad I was able to get a few shares when it was still under $3.00.<<

      Hey Tedge, If they are successful in bringing up the silver, the stock should zoom so it does not matter if you paid $3 or $4 for it...I'm expecting at least $6 or $7. If anyone has any estimates, please post them.

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