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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Jun 6, 2012 7:52 PM Flag

    What, still no word from the sites...not

    You and other relentless bashers try to imply that if a complex recovery operations miles below the ocean surface are not completed in a matter of days, then there's something wrong. If that's the case, then something's wrong with you. But you're just sowing doubt, aren't you?!<<

    The above is a gross mis-statement and an outright lie. I do not expect the complex recovery operations to be completed in a matter of days and I never said that I did. All I was requesting was some word on how the operation was going and if they were on the site getting ready to start the retrieval of the cargo. Why you insist on misrepresenting my questions is a mystery to me.

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    • A "mis-statement and an outright lie"? Spare me the "outrage". If you don't expect them to recover treasure in days, why do you post that they don't update you every time they flush the toilet? Maybe a Facebook status update every mortning is necessary or otherwise investors should be worried? They've done enough informing for the moment. You will hear news, positive or negative in due course.

    • John the answer is simple. They would have the public they believe is watching hold on just a little longer before everyone bails out.
      The expense of the day to day operation is a closely guarded secret. Sound familiar? The amount just to mobilize the Seabed Worker is rather large and there is no guarantee that there will be any monetization of any recovery for 6-12 months, which I find unbelievable given the condition of any silver recovered and the loss from oxidation after all these years. A lot will be lost in smelting and then there is the division, recovery expense, smelting expense, percentages paid to invested parties,etc. Small wonder they are pumping something that the true bottom line will not be known for much more than a year in my opinion, maybe three. lol

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      • Soccer, I believe that you are spot on..a real honest company would have stated the daily cost estimates and the amount they hope to retrieve from the operations..that way shareholders would have some idea of the profit or the loss involved in the operation. This company is living on the shareholders money and is riding the horse until it cannot run..sad but true..the co. makes PR statements that excites shareholders only to have their hopes and dreams shattered upon the rocks of reality. What are the daily cost of operations? What is the expected profit from these operations? These two question must be answered before even beginning the operation..nowhere are these questions stated or answered.

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