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  • danbunch164 danbunch164 Jun 6, 2012 8:01 PM Flag

    What, still no word from the sites...not

    what happened to make you this way? picked last too many times in gym class? too many girls cheat on you? daddy didnt love you? or was he not even there? you need therapy brother. or maybe it would be best to just off yourself. no one would miss you. one less A hole on food stamps for me to pay for. you must be in hawaii or asia because the library internet closes at 8.

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    • Hey dan, what in the world is wrong with you are why would you respond to me in such a manner. You need to get some love in your heart and get rid of the hate because hate will consume you. You stated 6 negative things against me and you do not even know me.. remember, ad hominem attacks will do nothing to improve your investment portfolio...I hope you do not treat your family the way you treat posters that may not hold your viewpoint..learn to be more tolerant of viewpoints other than your own because your viewpoint are just opinions and everyone has one.

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