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  • waterstar13 waterstar13 Jan 22, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Now It's a Waiting Game

    It's easy to understand why the stock isn't going up more -- same old story: "best year ever, blah, blah, blah" but still have only scratched the surface of monetization so nobody believes Mark anymore. What I got out of the presentation was that 2013 will see $140 million income as a worst case scenario -- only the insured for Gair and Mantola (50 mil and 15 mil respectively) and 75 mil monetized from the total $240 mil on the four commodity wrecks. Then $75 mil/year thru 2015 for the balance of the commodity wrecks. Best case I wouldn't even try to guess: add in some figure for Victory (if I hear "expected to commence soon" one more time I will scream), some figure for new historic wrecks, some figure for Chatham and some figure for Neptune and the uninsured on the Gair. Even the worst case scenario should bring this stock up substantially by the 3rd quarter.

    I went ahead a bought some more today and will hold for sure thru this summer for sure -- but we really need to deliver in this calendar year if we want to gain back investor trust.

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    • Surely something will be said about the sale of the already recovered G silver. I will be sorely disappointed if they don't update us on the status of that.

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      • Quick,

        I believe I heard him say something about the balance -- what wasn't sold in the 3rd Q -- was sold in the 4th Q.. Wasn't it something like 17 mil shown in the 3rd quarter? That leaves 24 mil to account for -- some to the Brits, some to our investment partners -- maybe somebody can figure out what's left of that 24 mil for us in the 4th Q. I really can't follow all the detail on all the loans we have and when and how they have to be repaid -- all Greek to me. But whatever it is, I don't think we should show a 4th Q loss. Hope I'm not wrong, but if I am, it may be the last good buying opportunity. Let's hope.

        Btw, Happy New Year Quick.

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