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  • cliffbanger86 cliffbanger86 Jul 22, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Bought more today with high confidence levels

    I have not been around OMEX long enough to realize there are just some that come in looking for the mother lode and then sell upon actual news. That is ok. I expected an uptick today, but it ends up being that I am able to buy more at prices below $3.30. I did so feeling very confident. Once the people in for a quick run are washed out of shares (very quickly in my opinion), I expect the shares to rebound and move upwards.

    The G success will impact Victory approval process.

    The M is next up.

    The assay results will ignite the shares.

    Silver is perking up. Hedged or not, this is important for numerous reasons.

    Found out there is a meeting with management in SF on Thursday with Lake Street Capital people and who knows who else. Lake Street is based in Minneapolis and OMEX in Tampa, so going to SF means others are also involved face to face. Logical conclusion are institutional investors.

    Let the traders trade today and for a little while. The trend will be up very quickly here.

    all in my very humble opinion.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Cliff, it's worse than that. There are people here, some of whom have been around for nearly two decades, who got stupid on the stock and lost more money than they could afford. It doesn't really matter whether or not it was Odyssey or another company, it only mattered that their foolishness cost them dearly and they're never going to let anyone forget it.

      These people don't actually even invest, they just want others to think they've lost money (time and time again), and that something is amiss with the company (thus the repeated attacks on management and mentions of the SEC), because they actually believe this is how they get their pound of flesh.

      Of course, these aren't normal people. We all know who these people are: They're the ones who sit around and blame everyone else for their own personal failures. They can't possibly imagine that the place hold in life has anything to do with their own choices and decisions. It's alwasy someone else or something that prevented them from their rightful place of glory (Smitty in particular suffers from this grand delusion.)

      So, they show up here.

      The good news is they're easily spotted. Imagine seeing a big red goofy clown galloping though the middle of an all-black funeral and you get the idea. ;)

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