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  • rmontgo338 rmontgo338 Aug 13, 2013 5:23 AM Flag

    Seabed Worker

    Seabed Worker scheduled to arrive in Falmouth on the 15th at 9:00:42 at Queens North. It also says from Bristol?

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    • They must have recovered the silver or else they would not be ending the charter. It will be interesting to see what the 600,000 ounces consists of, all bars or if they also shipped coins.

      BTW OMEX gets 80% of that or 480,000 ounces. That's another $10 million minimum at spot pricing.

    • Bristol was last port of call. Common to use that.

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    • It also states the OE is due in tomorrow morning yet it still appears to be in the same pattern as the recent
      past. Maybe the timing is just off for the two vessels. One interpretation would be Bristol to drop off silver and on to Falmouth to join with OE for another project. Another would be to pick up equipment from OE but SBW is state of the art. Crew change is not yet due until late in weekend using 28 days. Bristol port company not reflecting the SBW coming in yet.

      Interesting in that Falmouth lists SBW coming from Bristol. Hard to believe this is incorrect information. i guess we will know soon.

      Good find.

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      • I think I can shed some light on this. Vessel's arrivals at a port always show the last port they were in. Since the SBW has been at sea working the Mantola after last departing Bristol, that is what is shown. To be arriving at Falmouth from just departing Bristol, she would have to have already shown up on AIS near or at the Bristol port.

        Probably meeting up with the Explorer to offload Odyssey personnel and Odyssey owned equipment. Heck, there's no reason she couldn't even offload some silver bars to the Explorer or ground transport. Who knows what kind of logistics situation they are working out prior to her returning to Norway. I don't know when the 120 days are up (90 plus 30 extension).

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