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  • puc_frank puc_frank Jun 19, 2014 5:32 PM Flag

    I have a serious question and only want informative responses

    IF Odyssey were to go out on an exploration and comes back with a hit on a ship worth $5 billion dollars worth of gold, silver, porcelain etc, what would that do for the common share holders?

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    • Nothing. OMEX is clueless about how to monetize their findings. Where is that fiasco of an exhibit these days?

    • carciegranstaff Jul 9, 2014 9:43 PM Flag

      We have 50 years to find put. Not a ship or precious metals or jewels. We have found 5 billion in phosphate.

    • Idiotic questions don't deserve informative responses.

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      • We will see my friend. Just wait and you will eat your words and kiss me if you buy at todays low price. Think of what happened yesterday hitting 1.75. Imagine popping up to $5-$10 once news comes out on a find like that. There are ships out there worth that amount. I will come back and make all of you eat your words when this happens. This is a very strong buy right now at these low prices. IF it goes lower, I will definitely buy more.

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    • I apologize with my earlier comment. I guess you are serious enough and not another short fooling around. The idea of 5 billion is not crazy at all but it would require some luck on our side. The recent talks with the PM of Bermuda regarding two galleons, are a step in this direction. Look up the article in the Bahamas times form last week. The ships contain estimates of 8 and 2 billion in treasure each. Since Ira Kane, the receiver for CA, selected Odyssey over 8 other firms, and gave glowing comments, and the location was known, and we STILL got a 45% (plus charter!) deal. If we got the same deal with Bermuda, then you are actually right, so my appologies, I thought you were throwing around numbers, which the shorts use as an argument that only the "starry eye fools' invest in OMEX, ( as if three hedge funds, 4 billionaires and Roland Rick Perry(SA Blog, brilliant stuff, see it, plus also read the Green article and the Meson article and COMPARE)--We longs react negatively to posts that refect naiveity but I think there is fire in your smoke, or coals at least so far. PPS effect? Well if market cap is what? 150million, we are trying to start a billion dollar project in Mexico, we could easily move it forward, and we could move Neptune to engineering design phase, and do a NI-43-101 report as a bankable feasibility or we could just internally fund it, it also is a billion plus resource--so I guess just multiply the current cap by the new number since our burn is only about 10 -30 mill.

    • puc, it's posts like yours that make these boards next to useless. I don't care if you are long or short but it would be great if we could get rid of all the nonsense on here and have some good discussion.

    • Puc you are asking a very stupid question. Are you serious? I don't think so. What are you thinking they are going to find down there? The cure to cancer.

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      • if you only knew my friend.
        I am not a short, I just purchased a couple blocks myself at $1.52 this week. It's a straight honest question to everyone. I just don't know what that kind of find would do for the common stock price. If you guys would open your eyes and "THINK" about this question; rather criticize; you may learn something on this board instead of all you people trying to knock me down. If anyone knows anything about this business, there are hundreds of sunken ships out there. Spain alone has 1500 sunken ships. The Fishers are looking for 4 plus right now. So where do you think the $5B would come from(use your brain). But this is just one ship. As I said, I am knew on this board, and I've asked a simple question. Since this company is traded and is not private, I don't know how this type of find would benefit stock holders. By the way, my sentiment is a STRONG BUY, not to sell it.

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      • I wan't going to say it, tomb, but you did. Perhaps he is just a short trying to put on longs or he is just one of those sheep that eventually get slaughtered?

    • I do not know about the other shareholders but for me, it would be like sex, one heck of a thrill.

    • Now the mantra is $5 Billion?

      My how times have changed.

    • One more thing. This $5 billion would be free and clear and no threat of going to Spain. No problems with admiralty.

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      • But that is why the premise makes no sense. The larger the find the more likely that it will be disputed admiralty and the more different concerns that will attempt to get a piece of the action. Black Swan had so much scrutiny precisely because it was so big. The problem with big finds is that the stock shoots up on the find then fades over the next few years as everbody realizes the cost and time to monetize & prove ownership. I actually think they are better off with $100 million dollar finds. Much less scrutiny.
        I also must admit that Oceanica scares the hell out of me. A treasure hunting becoming a mining company- scary.

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      • The Black Swan coins that went to Spain were largely due to a State Department amicus brief filed in the court cases (only subsequently revealed by Wikileaks) that agreed the coins belonged to Spain.

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