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  • tradingdayz tradingdayz Jul 10, 2014 9:48 PM Flag

    three things

    If the cash crunch was so real, why would OMEX not mention it to the court or its own employer the receiver? Misleading a court as a viable salvager and a solvent one, could mean criminal charges, and why would the receiver, an accountant even hire such an outfit? No makes no sense. Now with CADG out of the picture, what are the delays in monetizing? If there are delays then why wouldn't they draw the remaining loan? But they haven't drawn it, so it means they are out of cash? Um it seems upside down, they are not likely to incur interest charges until they absolutely have to, remember the interest? One theory floated is they never recovered any more gold. Ah well that is a nice theory, along with this theory, is the theory the semi was filled with non-gold knick knacks. Hmmm. Because it wasn't armoured? Hmmm. Well infact, if you read the letter, it clearly states the marshal is RESPONSIBLE for the safety of the load, so it is not OMEX that chose a semi and was it escorted? Unless the Marshall wants to be keel hauled by the judge, why would they not escort it? Did they do an estimate of the worth? Don't think so. A semi is rather huge. So how come a few boxes this time? Hmm. I think they said they were finally entering the interior, and imagine doing an archeological dig, and entering an INTACT hull, with a little robot, delicate difficult work, never mind getting to the safe or the army gold in a hurry--first comes the entry and this has taken up a month, and when they locate a cache, they will have to drill an entry hole in the full near it, again time consuming process.

    Secondly, it seems that the ship is going out, again, and likely again even after that, it is a five month job, so let s not sweat the details? Nothing changed, herndorf said only 5% taken last time, and that is still true, so expect the full 18 tons of civilian gold. herndorf is a proffessor and was on board all three former trips with EP, and he as a letter detailing boxes, of army gold too

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    • Do they mention it to the shareholders?

    • thirdly, if the Oceanica filiing, all twelve hundred pages, is not being filed, then Gregg will go to jail. He has not only stated as much but has stated it in such a way, "any day now" that he will face serious consequences if it isn't filed. He wouldn't if there is no cash crunch fair enough, he has that discretion perhaps, just maybe, but if it is related to a cash crunch, he would be guilty of fraud, pretty serious stuff for an adventurer in his golden years who really doesn't need the headache. We are told he isn't going to till he raises cash, ie smoke and mirrors, but is this itself smoke and mirrors? Does Meson understand an unburdened phosphate resource? 20% pure in an era of food inflation, it is said to require simple processing, it is unburdened, it is not covered in a deep layer of other stuff. The Panama partner is a good sign. They are in Panama but are Mexicans? I wonder why? I hear the FED is domiciled in Perto Rico, outside of American legal realm--this is cartel territory and OMEX had better be connected than unprotected. MAKO is not throwing away 26 million on an bad project and neither will Boskalis donate, yes donate time to help create the feasibility (and have a fleet of tugs on site to actually carry out the project). the Federal minister is behind the project and PEMEX is starting up a 500 million plant--its a matter of urgency, don't sweat the fishermen Meson feels for, they are not going to derail it--nothing can the way food prices are going.

    • Since I just mentioned escort, thank you for clarifying a Marshal, I missed that part.

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      • you just dont get it.

        They draw on the loan is based only on gold, right. No draw=no gold. READ the letter. Armored car is REQUIRED. Here is the other part you missed. From the letter "the Marshall's Service has expressed its willingness to undertake the transport itself, AS IT DID WHEN BRINGING THE LIMITED NUMBER OF ARTIFACTS from Richmond to NCS' facility in Sarasota"...So, that means that the semi truck had a few large artifacts. Value? Gold, NO. Learn to read and comprehend.

        You said that Herndorf said only 5% taken last time, NO that is not correct. He said they searched 5% of THE AREA. The area includes the entire debris field of what is associated with the CA wrecksite. Again, Learn to read and comprehend.

        Stemm said it himself, they had COMPLETED the search of the exterior and were moving inside. So they ran up a bunch of large pieces that they were required to, and now, after another month of searching, have a little value trunk full of junk.

        Meson gave a much higher value on the draw than Odyssey has received, so they are out of cash even sooner than he estimates.

      • Good post tradingdays. Mason gives us a reason to take anger management classes. He #$%$ me off too.

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