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  • lasvegas333 lasvegas333 Oct 2, 2001 12:08 AM Flag

    Days left = 91, Deals = 0

    Calendar days in year 2001 left 91. Deals cut zero. Well, Yak has 91 days left to cut 19 deals.

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    • Dear Member:

      Just a friendly reminder that you have only 23 days left to lower your 19 handicap or face a hearing by the Handicap Committee that will force (in accordance with the Club charter) .

      an immediate Out-On-Your-Ear as a member now in reasonably good standing (your dues are two months overdue).

      Yak tells me he never sees you on the practice tee or the practice green and doesn't want you on his team in the forthcoming 4-ball tournament despite your very high handicap.

      Yak is into tennis raquets and has been inquiring as to what racket you are in with all your mousey little deadlines?

      Las Vegas, you are "runnong" (sic) out of time...!

      HandiCap Committee
      Yahooty Country Club

    • You are absolutely right about the two deals for EOS and PPHM and I stand corrected on that. As for the in license deals, I tend to put them in a separate category as technology deals and not sales type deals. They are also important as they do add to the bottom line of the technology for future potential but for the moment I am focusing on deals that are basically along the lines of sales of the technology product to outside customers. Such would include sales or license if you will that a company has received from AVN to use either the mouse, AVP, or Docosanol in one form or another.

      I think the three partnerships are going to be great but am still waiting for those deals to close. Thus even with the letter of intent, I don't include that in the closed deals. If they don't happen before Vegas's clock counts down to zero I would be very much disappointed as they are expected to close this year. In that point alone, I still hope Vegas continues his countdown.

      Thanks for the correction and good luck with your investments.

    • Hello Nostra 01,
      I count four deals which have been cut since April, 2001. They are the two Xenerex deals with EOS and PPHM and the two technology in-licensing deals AVN made to add to its technology. In addition they announced the three letters of intent with partners which will be selling the docosonol cream in Southern Europe. That is a pretty good rate of dealmaking for the last seven months.

      Best Regards,


    • ok_51daysleft_n_vegas_pinches_me ok_51daysleft_n_vegas_pinches_me Nov 11, 2001 11:39 AM Flag

      dickhead gives head:

      fairy queen.

    • I've lost my marbles. Give me $10.00 right now. See post# 178304.

      No rats, mz green teeth, or whoever you want me to be...anybody except Blaine(don't even think about it).

    • ok_51daysleft_n_vegas_pinches_me ok_51daysleft_n_vegas_pinches_me Nov 10, 2001 11:47 PM Flag

      you moron! you can't do shit to me yet you still hold with your misguided thoughts and expect to be taken seriously!
      you are a total joke and a moron with no credibility:

      f**k off fairy queen

    • Well bozo, at least everyone knows exactly where I stand. P.S. Whoever said a takeover at 10 has also lost their marbles. I would have to say perhaps 50 would be more in line given Abreva, Abreva WW potential, the pipeline, and of course, the fully human donor specific antibody generation technology, and oh yes, all the intellectual property.

    • another really great thing would be a link to that 22 deal statement. fwiw.

    • Vegas, though many have criticized your countdown meter, I think its a good measuring stick to keep track of all the deals that have closed or will close by the end of this year. I am not sure about the 22 deals in total but the fact that 0 deals have closed is a bit disheartening. Keep that meter running and lets see if they can even close some of the 22 deals that you mention. Good luck with your investment.

    • YOU, telling Lasvegas that he has zero credibility??? SAY WHAAAAT?

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