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  • stillondgo stillondgo Dec 28, 2004 3:35 PM Flag

    Last chance to get AVN at a bargain.

    In general you are right and there is reasonable chance to be bullish but it is too early to make some kind of investment at these prices.
    I think as usualy in cases like this, price will decline pretty low right before annoucement. I think there will be chance to buy it under 3 one day. I will make first purchase if I see some TA I like around 3.10.
    But jmo. Right now I still have to say..sell .

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    • sickandtiredofpolitics2003 sickandtiredofpolitics2003 Dec 28, 2004 3:54 PM Flag

      Boy we are so lucky to have a genius like you visit our board. Too bad you are too stupid to limit your remarks. If you had a clue about charting, you wouldn't post anything as stupid as this:
      " will make first purchase if I see some TA I like around 3.10."
      Only a complete idiot would make a reference about 3.10 as being a possible entry point.
      But you seem to have a problem with negativity, as that seems to be all that you are capable of spouting.

      Then again, clueless fools like you who roam Yahoo message boards thinking they can influence the shareprice of a stock by posting nonsense usually get there just deserts. That is usually quite fun to watch