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  • solomonrick solomonrick May 17, 2006 8:10 PM Flag

    record time...say what??


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    • Good job sayleweleweye..... I thought the slide show was fantastic which shows how thorough the study & research was on this subject.

    • tom_costello_live_from_alcatrazz tom_costello_live_from_alcatrazz May 17, 2006 9:06 PM Flag

      it sounds like I could use a boat.

    • I think he's "looking" at the SEC, but they're doing the government "shoulder hunch." More likely that he is getting some WTF phone calls. His stubborness about PR's will be broken one way or another. He said at least three things today that should be PR'ed tomorrow. The safety data, the Market size in dollars and the potential of N'Dex in dollars and sales force /ROW thinking.

    • maybe the pussy is finally growing some balls with Isaly and some tutes breathing down his neck ?

      i wonder if his job was threatened by the remaining tutes after today's performance ?

      maybe he's getting some looks from the SEC as well !

    • Siunds good. I think you are right that late is better than never for sure.

      He needs to change his stance on PR's. You area perfect example. Waht if 1,000 other investors read a few PR's and felt like you?

    • I'd say there were moments where you could hear the "fight back" in EB's tone. Yes, you wish he would have taken this tact before an $18 to sub-$9 chop-down. But perhaps better late than never.

      Among my takeaways...

      EB gave better clarification as to the addt'l pages to the FDA submittal from a few months back (the 1st question asked of him). The FDA like proactive company's and what AVNR added to their paperwork will arguably help their cause between now and 7/31.

      Little doubt was left that there there is NOTHING indicating only an approvable from the FDA (as some tried to speculate on this board)

      Everything timing-wise appears to still be in order

      The required 120 day safety data they'll provide the FDA at the end of the month hold NO surprises -- it is consistent & strong compared to what they've already submitted

      AVNR holding the US rights is the news of the day -- and the fact they have lined-up so many physicians for Neurodex offer major upside assuming the potential additional uses for the drug.

      One word -- "approved" -- is what shareholders, doctors, and patients of IEEE need to hear, and the FDA countdown clock is ticking. Get that, & the stock price could very well experience the counter-NBIX 1-day ride up, EB will get some vindication on this board, and AVNR would, once-and-for-all be legitimized on Wall Street.

    • A good sailor TTB can ride the wind, a great sailor can tack into the wind and the best can follow a motor yacht around the world.

    • I hope he has some sleepless nights. I know I did before I started sailing with the wind.

    • Recognition is one thing, planning a corrective action is another, putting it in play is the important step. They never have had and still don't have a PR plan and contigency plans. They just sat there and watched $300 million in Marketcap get sliced right off. He learned, but what expensive OJT this is.

    • Thanks Solomon. I'm happy to hear that EB is finally 'getting it'. Now that we are in panic mode (PPS wise), let's see how he handles it.

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