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  • sayleweleweye sayleweleweye May 17, 2006 8:50 PM Flag

    record time...say what??

    I'd say there were moments where you could hear the "fight back" in EB's tone. Yes, you wish he would have taken this tact before an $18 to sub-$9 chop-down. But perhaps better late than never.

    Among my takeaways...

    EB gave better clarification as to the addt'l pages to the FDA submittal from a few months back (the 1st question asked of him). The FDA like proactive company's and what AVNR added to their paperwork will arguably help their cause between now and 7/31.

    Little doubt was left that there there is NOTHING indicating only an approvable from the FDA (as some tried to speculate on this board)

    Everything timing-wise appears to still be in order

    The required 120 day safety data they'll provide the FDA at the end of the month hold NO surprises -- it is consistent & strong compared to what they've already submitted

    AVNR holding the US rights is the news of the day -- and the fact they have lined-up so many physicians for Neurodex offer major upside assuming the potential additional uses for the drug.

    One word -- "approved" -- is what shareholders, doctors, and patients of IEEE need to hear, and the FDA countdown clock is ticking. Get that, & the stock price could very well experience the counter-NBIX 1-day ride up, EB will get some vindication on this board, and AVNR would, once-and-for-all be legitimized on Wall Street.