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  • sayleweleweye sayleweleweye May 23, 2006 3:18 PM Flag

    Todays news=NOT forecasted @ this board

    Never said I had any more of a clue than you...but you clearly don"t have a clue (and apparently not a life as it appears you sit typing on this board all day and all night). Me? I'm on for an hour tops mainly because some of this stuff is a good laugh.

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    • Well, by your clueless post that started this thread it's clear you lack a clue, and lack any ability to reason. Yup, some days I'm here off and on as I do other things. Unlike you, I don't float dumbass theories about what it means that no one here specifically predicted today's news. Gotta wonder what your life is like, judging from the way you step on your dick here.