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  • miesz miesz Mar 24, 1998 10:55 AM Flag

    Hot off the Press: San Diego Business Jo

    Thank you Luis,
    Yes I do agree. We need board members that have been exposed to the Bio-Tech world in one way or another. Lets face it,
    business is just I do not intend to mock the geriatric population, but as a professional in the Health care field, I
    primary work with the geriatric population. These gentlemen might come with a abundance of business experience that was revalent
    30-40 years ago, but I know for myself being already 39 years of age in June....I'm having a difficult time trying to catch up
    with all this technology that did not exist in my time. I'm still catching up with the intendo world. :) We as shareholders need
    young blood with energy. Believe me, I know plenty of physician's in this age group...that require nap time come mid afternoon. As
    with these potential board members?
    Why are they no longer CEO's, presidents of modern day companies?
    Someday, we will be faced with the same issues...age for myself and my retirement money, I want the best
    candidates that money can find. These gentlemen have made there profits over the years. Get lost. Lets move on to a vibrant group of
    men/woman...who will work for the money...BECAUSE WERE IN THE SAME PADDLE BOAT! WE WANT FINANCIAL SECURITY FOR OUR FUTURE!!!! What do these
    guys have to lose? Our money. Once again, they already made there profits. If these guys stroke out, hemorrage, rupute the hearts
    apex...where do we stand? It's at our expense.

    Regards also,
    P.S. Luis, I admire you for your intelligence and guts!