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  • putter_bentgrass putter_bentgrass Aug 12, 2001 1:11 PM Flag

    i am bothered by the boiler room

    operation that goes on here. look at that rico guy he has 9 reccomendation 8 are probably the same guy.

    something is fishy with this small cap stock.
    Im telling you an investment group controls it. They are long on a bunch of shares and the ones holding small postitions can get out and not be robbed by these people.
    this is what i finally figured out.

    sure the technology looks good but i dont think its sooo good that i wlll let manipulators run my life.

    emotions are getting the best of you guys.
    do not fall in love with a stock.
    use common sense
    I have not seen one mab made by xenerex.
    They could atleast have enough respect to shareholders to assure shareholders that xenerex wont be spun off. They could at least keep us updated on the eos mabs, what the targets are. Are they self proteins? Who are they talking to for world wide rights?

    I want to own a company like abgx. Hey i just sleep better knowing what the mabs are and where they are in trials.
    I need to see results not just hear promise.

    now its time to say show them mabs!
    its been 1 year and nothing. I give up i quit. I could be wrong and apologize if thats the case.

    The biggest problesm im seeing right now with avn shareholders is emotions.
    Do not fall in love with a stock.

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    • Hello Putter,
      The only thing fishy is your spending all weekend on this board AFTER you sold your AVN shares. You really hit the gutter Putter. Maybe you should change your handle to Gutter Bentgrass.

      Best Regards,


      PS: Do you know what the variable region is? Putter.

    • The only emotions getting the best of anyone is yours. Yes, I too am disappointed with the shortcomings of management, but with all do respect I do not have my MBA, so who am I to talk. Has AVN made me money? Yes, while I am not very happy with the amount of time it has taken I realize the current market environment we are all in. Even with the recent bull, and bear market AVN has had an annualized rate of return for me of 47.63%.

      I'm sorry that I had more vision and balls then you to get into AVN/LDAKA way back when, but while being a little disappointed I am not crying in my milk. Putter, you are a sheep who follows the crowd, that is when you came into AVN, and that is when you are departing. So go to ABGX and hope for another momentum play.

      I am truly sorry that your immaturity has destroyed your credibility. While one can go to school to educates ones self, one often times can not protect ones self from thyself.