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  • tborges732 tborges732 Sep 2, 2005 1:01 PM Flag

    OT Insanity?

    I usually don't make comments like this... but I find the situation in the Gulf states totally incomprehensible...

    We can put missiles through a window of a building from hundreds (thousands) of miles away... put troops ashore in pounding surf in any kind of weather... drop boats from planes... we've got humvees, striker brigades, amphibious vessels... and our best response to evacuating thousands of people is to pluck them out two at a time with a helicopter... and then send in 40,000 troops with M16's "locked and loaded" with orders to kill to prevent looting...

    Total insanity... Bush is a present day Nero... except Nero could at least play a musical instrument...

    It's almost as though the FDA is in control...

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    • Jeff, no I dont bother to read your posts, but in giving the one you reference a quick glance, I would point out more of your silly and ongoing errors in logic. To wit:
      You said, "reaching ridiculously high numbers without really having anything to support it ..."

      So all the great news about the efficacy of Panzem, against a variety of tumors as well as arthritic conditions and the various collaborations like the latest news announcement as well as the income stream from Thalidomide/CELG, all mean absolutely nothing to support the price of the stock?????

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...oops fell off the chair! The thing I really despise is your undercurrent implication that Dr. Folkman will sell out the shareholders in order to benefit himself or keep his lab open. Everyone will win with entremed, from patients both current and future, to the shareholders and yes, to the good doctor himself.

      I never lie and I will no longer bandy words with the emotionally retarded, jeff. Welcome to iggyland!

    • Buy a whole lot more at 2.60 and pray.

    • I bought at $60, bought some more at $39. I am going to wait on you cussing boys to tell me when to cash in.

    • hh - I am hoping that you somehow didn't read the email I wrote to you on 8/19 (hh - a post of sincereity) because if you did, then you truly are an asshole and I will be more then happy to continue to "dialogue" with you the way we used to ...


      hh - a post of sincerity
      by: jeffcisinsd 08/19/05 01:20 pm
      Msg: 62349 of 62657

      I read all the posts, hh ...

      The truth is I have nothing against you personally and I truly do apologize for being so antagonistic towards you.

      However, it justs upsets me to see people make statements about stocks "raching triple digits soon" or reaching ridiculously high numbers without really having anything to support it ...

      I believe you when you say you "never lie". However, that is not significant - you might have been told information, fully believing it yourself, that is not true or accurate ...

      I don't lie either and I have told people about what I thought was a "sure" thing only to have lost money for myself and the other people I got involved in the stock. I have learned my lesson about "inside" information.

      The bottom line is that there are way too many variables in any stock to be able to say with certainty that the stock is going to be worth some dreamy price - and it serves no purpose except to rope in those who are naive and gullible and are dreamers,and I am fairly certain that isn't your intent.


      Posted as a reply to: Msg 62346 by hppyhippi

    • Lets review:
      "Altruism doesn't float in the waters of free enterprise.

      Jeff"....ahahahah what a retarded sense of morality.

      Altruism is the heart of a growing economy. When we negotiate such that "everybody wins," instead of you win and someone else must lose, then you are in tune with the DALE CARNIEGE principles of altruistic capitalism. The altruistic approach of Dr. Folkman is paying off BIG TIME and has just begun. Read todays headlines.

      Jeff, your inability to understand the real world and profit by that understanding springs from your retarded moral development and status.

    • I don't see the relationship either.

      Chart looks good.

      Due for a run up to $2.80+, then back down to 2.50(Unless we get some news); Very heavy buying @ 2.50

      Volume is hurting though...

      Good luck,

    • exactly my point ... and a some people have been yahooing (and continue to do so)over this for a while - even when celg was much lower and yet enmd is still what it was ... I haven't seen any correlation whatsoever (if anything an inverse relationship exists)...

      Just seems like enmd continues to tread water barely keeping afloat while celg is swimming with powerful foward strokes creating more and more distance between the two stocks ...I don't see any rope connecting the two stocks ... celg doesn't need a life preserver and doesn't need to throw enmd one either ...

      Altruism doesn't float in the waters of free enterprise.


    • �If things go great with enmd then celg benfits immensly whereas if they don't go well celg just writes it off as a tax loss ...�--Jeff

      I agree with that but at this point in time, I think Celg would want us to succeed but at the same time not want us to over shadow their press releases. Like VK put it, �getting all your ducks in a row�.


    • it sure doesn't look like Enmd is following suit with Celgene! up 5 bucks and Enmd up 7 cents??? how can any one honestly make a statement like that?? I guess time will tell.

    • Aaron,

      I don't even come close to professing what goes on between companies when one owns a large amnount of stock of the other ... You very well may be right ... But my feeling is that enmd is and has always been / being "used" - getting the raw end of all "deals".

      If things go great with enmd then celg benfits immensly whereas if they don't go well celg just writes it off as a tax loss ...

      Personally I still believe that what celg does has no bearing on anything regarding enmd.


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