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  • zilanewswatch zilanewswatch Jan 31, 2007 3:16 PM Flag

    weak weak volume

    lowest in months

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    • Just under 51K traded today:
      3 possibilities:

      1)no sellers
      2)no buyers
      3)some combination of both- thus few shares available either way

      Also of interest recent (late last week) after hours block trade of ~475,000 shares (about $760K).

      In the meantime, ENMD's goals have all been met on a timely basis since Burns' reign, several Phase II trials, PanzemNCD
      safe, proof of principle HAS been established of the role of anti-angiogenesis- especially in cancer.
      Drugs will not be a "cure" but a major advance in medicine's arsenal in antiproliferative diseases (cancer, inflammation such as RA)and look like they will be used in combination with others (antiangiogenesis agents, conventional chemotherapeutic agents, etc.)

      It takes lots of time to proceed through all drug phases, submit FDA applications, and receive approvals (or disapprovals). It also takes lots of money- which is difficult to obtain by a small biotech company with ENMD's history.
      You either believe in the science (if you understand it) or you don't. And you hope for "significant" human efficacy and have realistic expectations.
      Phase III will likely come ( for PanzemNCD & MKC1)as will a co-velopment partnership (for MKC1)--and if you believe Burns: sometime during this coming year, most likely the 2nd half.

      So ....if you are a believer: PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE!!!
      If you are not a believer.....sell now and quit your crabbing! It ain't doing you any good!!!

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      • to quote myself:
        "Drugs will not be a "cure" but a major advance in medicine's arsenal in antiproliferative diseases (cancer, inflammation such as RA"

        What I meant to say is in PROLIFERATIVE-not antiproliferative- diseases.
        And yes, the drugs will NOT BE A CURE---they will be part of the arsenal to "control" the diseases (as for example: insulin's role in diabetes).
        And yes, obviously, diseases do progress over time and treatments results similarly require time to reveal efficacy (or not).
        So again.... PATIENCE, FACTS, POLITICS/MONEY are the keys.
        Whinners and non-believers need not apply!

    • I think that's a good sign for longs. Nobody to sell & nobody buying (you might add). In this void/vacuum, any good news sends it up.

      waiting patiently.

      PS Another Doji? 1.62???? :)