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  • hauppyforme hauppyforme Dec 19, 2007 4:53 PM Flag

    I've freakin had it w/ this Co.

    It's the worst pos I own. Somebody tell me why I shouldnt dump it.

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    • Sell your shares you are obviously unhappy and have little time nor patience to wait this through so bail out and invest in rim google apple, the most actives like first solar is another one they go up and down everyday. You might enjoy the experience more.

      if not go to vegas.........

    • I think that it wold be good for you to sell your shares.

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      • You should sell your shares, so you won't feel so stressed. Don't come crying back when the stock takes a turn. It may, It may not. Please read the discussion on this topic of why to hold or sell a week back. If you don't trust the company then why did you buy the stock anyway. As always, I recommend doing research before investing in a company...that is if you own any shares in the first place. As of this time frame, I rate this company a strong buy because:
        1) Super low share price for products in research
        2) ENMD has never missed a goal
        3) ENMD has money to continue till 2009
        4) Strong backing by Celgene
        5) RA IND has 100% effectiveness in Preclinical trials
        6) So far Panzem has 15% or better success rate in stopping cancer in patients who had no success with other drugs.
        7) Phase III is about to happen
        8) Fastrack possibilities are real with 2me2
        9) Hiring of a production staff
        10)Partnership is coming for Kinase drug along with IND
        11)Look at RIGL for price possibilities
        12)Mayo clinic report of injectable 2me2 and the wonderment they had with the results on Breast cancer
        13)Hey I'll just skip this one because 13 is bad luck!!
        If this isn't good enough for ya for a buck thirty three then please get gone and sell

    • Please, please, please sell your shares, go back where you came from and don't come back.

    • You shouldn't dump it because tomorrow or the next day it will be way up for some kind of reason or news that nobody saw coming...(maybe but it has happened in the past)
      Sleep on it tonight and the next and wake up someday and see why you kept it...

    • please sell your shares and then perhaps it will go higher