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  • supermba_2000 supermba_2000 Nov 28, 2008 2:51 PM Flag

    Cost cutting? The

    Stand corrected then! Still piss poor CEO performance to be earning close to half a million dollars a year with the stock price nearing $0.00.

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    • I don't think it is a good bargaining position to look desperate. Burns should take his time, he has a market cap of $20 million that is representing a huge amount of money that has already gone into clinical testing - WHICH WOULD COST ANY OTHER COMPANY A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO TEST ANY NEW DRUG.

      So you have to ask yourself if this is worth anything. Would someone rather start off in a chemistry lab making several new drugs and paying up to a billion each to get them thru clinical trials or just buy a company like Entremed?

      I don't know enough about their drugs to answer that. Maybe no one does until the clinical trials are completed at least thru phase I and phase II.

    • Hey Supermba... We are all feeling the frustration... a major part of the problem is that Burns had to deal with the 2ME2 legacy... it was not only a tough and courageous decision to call it... but he must have known what the effect would be upon the stock price...

      Research & development, as I am sure you know, cannot be hurried along... nor can progress through the labyrinth of regulations at the FDA...

      Can someone do a better job??? It's hard to say...I think all is being done with what they have... changing horses at this point would create a loss of continuity and focus...

      Burn's needs to determine if there is hope for efficacy... if the answer is no... then we would be back to square one anyway... and a change at that point would have the least effect...

      And... if efficacy is demonstated, it may be that Burns is not the guy to be involved in product development and marketing... that would be another point for change...

      For the time being... we wait... and again... I don't think any rational person taking a look at the present economy can believe that this is a market for venture capital or a large equity investment unless there is a demonstrable reason to believe that there is an efficacious drug in the pipeline...

      To answer your question... should he take a salary cut?
      I don't know... if it were me I would consider another job...

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      • ----head is paid to lead this co. starting and stopping trials is a big part of his job. His judgement is critical. So far all his efforts have been beyond incompetent. He is not a leader nor does he give a whip about the stockholders. If he could produce something his compensation could be openended as far as I'm concerned, but it is what it is...nothing. He has lied, put out reports that confuse his own staff cut two drugs without reducing staff and compensation. after 11 years and millions of dollars no one will miss this team of losers. If ----head had any concern outside his selfish interest he would cut salaries in half and issue options at current strike for the difference. That way this group of salary suckers are at risk. We haven't seen that.