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  • wellptboy wellptboy Feb 13, 2014 1:44 PM Flag

    ENMD = A Former $918/Share Company Now Trading @ $1.98

    Investors would have to look very, very hard to find a stock symbol that has lost more value than ENMD. From a SP high of $918/share ENMD has crashed down 97% to a daily low of $1.98/share. This company is much more promise than delivery (Trail failure after trail failure) and should be avoided at all costs.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Yeah
      You are a Pet babbling idiotic buffoon.
      You probably bought at the top and are dumb enough to still be holding...Sorry fella.
      I can a lot of companies over $100 that have are below $10 now.
      This Aurora Kinase and multiple tyrosine Inhibitor is for real...have you read any data?
      Nope...this should work in multiple cancers as it will have multiple MOA's.
      Remember: ENMD-2076 it may save your #$%$ some day.

    • tborges732 Feb 13, 2014 6:30 PM Flag

      Hmmm... guess he hasn't heard of Revlamid, Thalomid and Endostatin... and I think he meant "trials," not "trails." It was never a $918/share company... it did trade over $100 for a very, very brief period 16 years ago... and it did go through a reverse trade when it was under a buck... a clever attempt to play with the numbers... well... the good news is the pumpers and dumpers have arrived... they must thing there is something positive about to happen...

      • 1 Reply to tborges732
      • ..."...was never a $918/share company"?????????????...begging your pardon, but you might want to click on the "interactive chart" and hit "max available"...In February of 2000, ENMD, one of the biggest biotech scams ever, traded at -- drum roll, please!...are you ready? might want to sit down or slip into some heavy duty depends before reading further!...a high of $1,083.50!!!!!!...

        ...yes, folks!!!...somewhere existed the BAGHOLDER "par excellence"!...THE bagholder by which all other bagholders are measured!...yes, there walked this earth in 2000 a FOOL dumb enough to chuck out ONE THOUSAND EIGHTY THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS for an absolutely WORTHLESS stock...

        ...and which stock did he/she choose to achieve this acclaim -- ENTREMED!! about a big round of applause, please!!...thank you!...

        ...and remarkably enough, people STILL throw perfectly good money at ENMD stock even though it is still WORTHLESS!...well, except for its ability to enrich management and stockbrokers, that is...and somewhere P.T. Barnum sits with a large, satisified smile on his face!...HAW!!!!...